Project/Programme Completion Reports


Chad - Rural, Pastoral and Transhumance Infrastructure Project - Project Completion Report

Livestock occupies a very important place in the national economy, In terms of volume (2016), it accounts for 14% of the national GDP, 30% of the country's total export earnings, and 54% of non-oil export earnings. The sector employs 40% of the rural population, or about 3.5 million people largely belonging to the most vulnerable segments of the rural area. Despite its importance, the sector continues to suffer from a lack of substantial investment. The development objective of PIRPT is to improve the living conditions of the transhumant and sedentary populations in the project target area,...

Egypt - Strengthen the Institute of National Planning (INP) - Project Completion Report

The Project Development Objective was to strengthen the Institute of National Planning (INP) to become a leading planning institution to deliver quality services both nationally and regionally. Established in 1960 as the first independent think-tank institute in the area for Planning and Development, the INP was positioned to play a pivotal role in the area of scientific analysis and planning to support the Egyptian Government in its effort to achieve sustainable development goals and contribute to Egypt’s National Development Plan, as well as support the African region by extending know-how...

Multinational - Lake Chad Basin Sustainable Development Programme (Prodebalt) - Project Completion Report

The drastic shrinking of the surface area of Lake Chad, noted over the past decades, has led to the disruption of farmlands and a decrease in fish production. The surface area of the lake has dropped from 25 000 square kilometres to 2 500 square kilometres over 45 years and its depth from 6 metres on average to less than 3 metres currently. The volume of the lake was 60 billion cubic metres and depth 281.5 metres. It is currently estimated at 46 billion cubic metres due to silting and sedimentation of solid material transported from its basin by wind and runoff. The drying-up of the lake and...

Mozambique - Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan (MDERP-SL) - Project Completion Report

The sector goal was to enhance agriculture productivity to reduce poverty levels and ensure food security. The main objective of the Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan (MDERP-SL) was to restore safety and efficiency of the dam. The project was designed with the aim of enhancing agricultural productivity in Gaza province in order to improve food security, as well as positively contribute to economic growth and reduction of poverty. By restoring the safety and efficiency of the dam, the project focused on enhancing the productivity of the smallholder farmers...

Madagascar - Institutional Governance Support Project - Project Completion Report

PAGI’s development objective was to contribute, in consultation with other development partners (TFPs), to the restoration of institutional capacities for better public revenue collection, strengthening of financial governance and transparency in the extractive sector. The project’s objective was relevant and built on the Institutional Good Governance Capacity-Building Project (PRIBG) that ended in 2010. The project was consistent with the 2nd CSP pillar that focused on strengthening public finance management, combating corruption and addressing illicit trafficking. PAGI was consistent with...

Egypt - Economic Governance and Energy Support Program Phases IIII- (EGESP I-III) - Project Completion Report

The program based operation (PBO) was designed to support Egypt during a critical period, where it was facing considerable macro-economic issues and structural challenges. Following the 2011 revolution, fiscal revenue, and foreign exchange earnings deteriorated, while expenditure rose disproportionately, causing inflation, budget deficit and sizable external imbalances and external reserve loss. The new government under President Sisi, first elected in May 2014, developed strategic plans centered on structural reform and investment promotion to raise growth and create jobs, and fiscal...

Multinational (Benin Cote D’ivoire Ethiopia) - Regional African Trade Insurance (ATI) - Country Membership Programme (RACMP) - Project Completion Report

The overall objective of the RACMP was to strengthen the capacity of the Regional Member Countries (RMCs); Benin, Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire, with the necessary financial resources for membership subscription to African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) to allow greater underwritten insurance cover for Africa’s private sector and socio-economic development. Africa's growth and competitiveness are broadly constrained by fragmented, inadequate and underperforming trade finance systems. These fractured trade finance systems impose considerable losses to some African countries through excessive...

Ghana - Ghana Institutional Support Project to Oversight and Private Sector Development Institutions - Project Completion Report

Ghana’s 2012-2016 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) (the CSP was extended to 2018) identified capacity shortages as one of the key challenges of economic development in the country, i.e. shortage of the needed skills, technology, innovations, governance, and institutional reforms. The level and quality of skills were noted as critical factors in Ghana’s ability to take advantage of new opportunities (such as those emerging in the country’s nascent oil and gas industry) and to achieve a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global economic environment. To address these challenges GISP was designed...

Multinational - Central Africa Biodiversity Conservation Programme - Protecting Central Africa’s Elephants - Appraisal Report

PCBAC is designed to protect savannah elephants (Loxodonta Africana) in the Northern part of Central Africa. In recent years, there has been intense elephant poaching activity in Central Africa. The proposed programme area is a vast trans-border complex that lies between Cameroon and Chad. The programme will provide institutional support to CAR, through which poachers transit on horseback to attack elephants in Northern Cameroon and Southern Chad. The programme should help to confront this severe threat to the survival of savannah elephants, which could ultimately lead to their disappearance...

COMESA Airspace Integration Project - Project Completion Report

The Sector Goal of the project is to provide safe, efficient air navigation services in a unified airspace to support trade, tourism and regional socio-economic integration in COMESA. The objectives of the Technical Assistance (TA) are: (i) To determine suitable legal and institutional requirements to establish a cooperative Regional Framework for a unified airspace in the COMESA region; (ii) To Prepare detailed analysis of strategic technical, financial, and operational options for the provision of upper airspace navigation services using CNS/ATM and make recommendation for implementation...

Côte d’Ivoire - Projet de Gestion Intégrée du Bassin versant du Gourou, Phase d’urgence - Rapport d’achèvement de Projet

Le projet de Gestion Intégrée du Bassin Versant du Gourou, phase d’urgence a permis de régler beaucoup de problèmes d’inondations et d’assainissement dans les Communes de Cocody, d’Adjamé, d’Abobo et surtout au niveau du Carrefour de l’Indénié. En effet, les réalisations du projet ont déjà permis une meilleure régulation des eaux pluviales vers l’exutoire avec une forte réduction des inondations au niveau du Carrefour de l’Indénié. Le projet a également contribué à un changement de comportement des populations pour une meilleure gestion de l’environnement et des ouvrages d’assainissement à...

Mali - Economic Governance Support Project (PAGE) - Project Completion Report

The Economic Governance Support Project (PAGE) is institutional support approved in July 2013 for UA 9.97 million following the outbreak of the political and security crisis that adversely affected the functioning of government services and the attractiveness of Mali as an investment destination. The project specifically targeted the Government’s priority needs in order to restore the optimum functioning of services so as to address the crisis and control economic and social development, as expressed in the Transition Government Roadmap adopted by the National Assembly in January 2013, which...

Niger - Vocational and Technical Education Development Support Project (PADE-FPT) - Project Completion Report

The project’s sectoral objective was to contribute to improving the living conditions of the population. Its specific objective was to increase access to quality vocational and technical education and training. The project was in line with the thrusts of the Accelerated Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (SDRP 2009/2012) relating to robust and employment-generating growth and access to quality social services. The Vocational and Technical Education Development Support Project (PADEFPT) was consistent with the socio-economic infrastructure development pillar of the Bank's intervention...

Chad - Emergency Fiscal Consolidation Support Programme (Pucb) - Project Completion Report

PUCB’s objective is to support Chadian Government efforts by strengthening public finance management to maintain social spending in support of the fight against poverty. In this regard, the programme’s relevance stems from its reponse to the implementation of the National Development Programme (2017-2021 PND), thanks to fiscal consolidation through reforms that are likely to increase domestic revenue and strengthen the streamlining of expenditure. PUCB is all the more relevant given that Chad, like the other CEMAC countries, was affected by a sharp drop in oil prices leading to a drastic fall...

Tanzania Road Sector Support Project I - The Upgrading of Namtumbo-Tunduru (193 Km) And Iringa - Dodoma Road Projects (260 Km) - Project Completion Report

The project development objective is: (a) To improve the essential road transport services between Namtumbo and Tunduru Districts, Iringa, Dodoma, Babati and Arusha, and integrate it with the rest of Tanzania and ; (b) To improve the road transport connectivity between the Central transport corridor in Tanzania with the Northern corridor in Kenya...

Tanzania - The Upgrading of Dodoma (Mayamaya)- Babati (Bonga) (188.15 Km) and Tunduru-Mangaka-Mtambaswala Road Upgrading Project (202.5km) - Project Completion Report

he project development objective is:(a) To improve the essential road transport services between Dodoma, Babati and Arusha, and integrate it with the rest of Tanzania and (b) To improve the road transport connectivity between the Central Transport corridor in Tanzania with the Northern corridor in Kenya.

Tanzania - Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support (Mivarf) Programme - Project Completion Report

The program’s development objective was to contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth through enhancing rural incomes and food security. The objective was well aligned to the needs of the beneficiaries – where despite a declining trend, 28% of Mainland Tanzanians remain income poor, more so in rural areas (33%) than in urban areas (22%).1. The program’s objective was the mirror image of the of the national strategies including the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty II (NSGRP), and both the 2013 agricultural policy and the Agricultural Sector Development Program II...

Senegal - Improvement of Faecal Sludge Management and Recovery in Ziguinchor City (PAGEBZ) - Project Completion Report

The overall project objective is to improve the living conditions of the people of Ziguinchor City through proper and hygienic excreta management via: (1) improved household access to toilets and sanitation services, (2) faecal sludge (FS) collection and transportation, and (3) FS treatment and recovery. The development objective (DO) has remained relevant to the following national strategies and programmes: (1) the Emerging Senegal Plan (2014-2035 PSE) in its Thrust 2 on human capital, social protection and sustainable development; (2) the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)...

Rwanda – Support to Skills Development in Science and Technology Project - Project Appraisal Report

The goal of the proposed project is to improve the science, technology and industrial skills base in order to boost economic growth and reduce poverty. The project, amounting to UA 6.66 millions, will be implemented over a four-year period. Designed to serve the entire country by building capacity at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), it will benefit students nationwide, women in particular, through increased access to quality training, mostly in environmental design, planning and engineering. Moreover the promotion of innovation and technology transfer in rural areas...

Namibia - Statistical Capacity Building (SCB II) in Regional Member Countries for Mdg Monitoring & Results Measurement - Project Completion Report

The Namibia SCB II MIC –TAF project aimed to: (i) build statistical capacity through training and institutions strengthening and (ii) improve poverty and MDGs (now SDGs) monitoring, policy formulation, effective results measurement, and decision-making. The MIC-TAF was also meant to enable Namibia to improve its National Statistical System (NSS) in order to provide reliable, relevant, coherent and timely data.