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Chad - Governance Reform Support Programme (PARG) – Reforms Support Aspect - Project Completion Report


The overall objective of PARG is to support the poverty reduction efforts of the Government for the adoption of good governance measures. In line with the 2003 PRSP objective, it seeks to increase the HDI from 0.365 in 2001 to 0.600 in 2007. The specific objective is to help to establish real good governance in the public administration, public contracts and rule of law areas. The grant of UA 17.57 million is meant to support the balance of payments. It is supplemented by an institutional support of UA 2.93 million, meant to build the institutional capacities of the governmental structures involved in the Programme in order to facilitate the implementation of certain fundamental measures (use of technical assistance, strengthening of equipment, procurement of large computerized systems for the management of accounts balance and public contracts, and training programmes financing)

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