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Guinea - Upper Guinea Rural Developement Support Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The launch of the Upper Guinea RuralDevelopment Support Project (PADER-HG) is aimed at eliminating the major constraints hindering the development of the rural community and the sustainable development of agriculture in Upper Guineainan effort to reduce rural poverty, food insecurity and the massive drift of productive forces from agriculture towards other activities. This situation stems from the inability to harness Upper Guinea’s abundant surface water resources to compensate for vagaries of the weather. Therefore,in order to address this challenge, the Government of Guinea in 1985 initiated a national irrigation development strategy aimed at meeting the essential needs of the populations and ensuring food security. This project isintended to intensify agricultural production in the plains by initiating irrigation schemes involving rehabilitation works and development of bottomlands. The project’s approach requires greater involvement of private and financial agencies, socio-professional organizations and farmers’ cooperatives as part of the Borrower's strategy for meeting this challenge

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