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Tunisia - Agricultural Sector Adjustment Programme - PPER


The present project performance report focuses on the Agricultural Sector Adjustment Programme (ASAP) of Tunisia running from 1992 to 1993, for which the ADB granted loan No B/TN/PASA/91/45 in the amount of UA 90 million in September 1991.

This programme was the last phase of the MT/ASAP comprising three phases the first of which was completed in 1988 and the second in 1990. The purpose of the programme was to increase the contribution of agriculture to the overall economic growth, the balance of payments and State budget and to job creation. It had the following components: (i) implementation of a trade and price liberalisation policy and the reduction of subsidies; (ii) rationalisation of state participation with gradual transfer of production and marketing activities to the private and co-operative sector; (iii) enhancement of the efficiency of the public investment and expenditure policy (iv) improvement of the agricultural development support services; (v) rationalisation of the utilisation of natural resources; (vi) strengthening of the economic and financial analytical capacities as well as the monitoring of the sector’s performance.

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