Project Details
ID: P-AO-D00-003 Name: NATIONAL TRANSPORT SECTOR MASTER PLAN Status: Ongoing Country: Angola
Sector: Transport Approval date: 17-sep-2013 Task Manager: ISOOBA Daniel Mukunya, RDGS4
Total cost: 2900000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 2900000


XI.Project description The outline of the study is as follows, based on the findings and discussions during the preparation mission. The appraisal mission will be carried out in order to finalize and formulate an agreed scope of the study more in detail, estimated cost and financing plan, implementation arrangements, procurement and financial management arrangements, and to consequently enable the preparation of Terms of References and the Board Memorandum seeking Board approval of the resources for the study.11.1Project design (components) 11.1.1National Transport Sector Master Plan Study: This component comprises 1) review of relevant reports such as Study on Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), Transport Sector Review Studies in Four Lusophone Regional Member Countries etc. 2) formulation of overall strategies and policies for the nationwide multimodal transport network (road, rail, maritime and air), 3) developing a nationwide transport network framework for the target year 2025, to be built on the existing transport infrastructure, along the defined strategies and policies above, 4) identification and selection of priority projects, and 5) recommendations concerning improvement of the transport service and its sustainability (transport safety, road maintenance, traffic control and so on). [Preliminary Cost: UA 1.94 million] 11.1.2Preliminary Feasibility Study on the Railway Link between CFB and Zambia: This component will comprise a study to select an optimum route for a railway link connecting CFB and Zambia, among different options, based on traffic data, natural, social and economic information, and environmental and social aspects, as well as economic and financial analysis of the optimum route. [Preliminary Cost: UA 0.61 million] 11.1.3Institutional Capacity Building: This is to strengthen the capacity of the executing agencies to facilitate effective management of the project and establish long term knowledge base. Specific items will be identified based on a need assessment during appraisal. [Preliminary Cost: UA 0.68 million]


Since the study will deal with the whole national transport sector of Angola, the study area is the entire country and the direct study beneficiaries is the Angolan nation who will enjoy the transport infrastructure and services to be developed and improved based on the outcomes of the study.


9.1The CSP states that: "the Bank can differentiate itself through a catalytic role in co-funding and structuring projects, implementing institutional reforms and training, building human capacity and helping modernize public administration.", "Finance Infrastructure Development that directly affects the competitiveness of the country's domestic value chains, its linkages to regional integration and the provision of public services. Priority is given to the Transport and Power sectors where the country has critical needs that strongly constrain Private Sector Development (PSD)."9.2Preparation of a national transport sector master plan, of which GOA emphasized the necessity during the preparation mission, is to address the key issues of the transport sector namely, hard infrastructure, transport services and capacity development. The master plan will 1) provide decision-making tools for transport infrastructure development, 2) identify necessary actions to improve the transport services and its sustainability, and 3) develop the capacity for sound administration of the transport sector. Moreover, the master plan will also provide further justification for the projects identified in the CSP.9.3The railway link between CFB and Zambia along the Lobito Corridor is of important significance to both GOA and GOZ, and plays an important role for regional integration as one of SADC corridors. The railway link has been listed in the indicative non-lending program of the CSP, and also supported by RISP - Southern Africa which recommends "Support of various studies for improvement of a number of railways sections" in Angola. The preliminary feasibility study on the railway link will be carried out parallel with the National Transport Sector Master Plan Study, because the railway link has already been recognized by both GOA and GOZ as a priority project. Results of the preliminary feasibility study will be reflected to outputs of the National Transport Sector Master Plan Study.9.4The Bank will be able to support GOA in the studies not only financially but also technically, having experience of interventions in similar studies for other African countries. Also, the Bank will be able to provide GOA with advice for the Preliminary Feasibility Study on the Railway Link between CFB and Zambia, as it has on-going interventions in the transport sector in Zambia. Close communication between the Bank and GOA through the presence of AOFO will be favorable for smooth implementation of the studies. The intervention in the studies should be at this point in time, because 1) Angola at the final stage of rehabilitation is now requiring new perspectives to be given by the National Transport Sector Master Plan; and 2) the Preliminary Feasibility Study on the Railway Link should be commenced as soon as possible in light of the enhanced interests by the both governments and some studies already done on the Zambian side. Although the Bank has not undertaken sector intervention in Angola, the study, as an upstream activity, is expected to identify transport projects for future Bank's intervention.