Project Details
ID: P-SD-I00-001 Name: EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE TO WHITE NILE STATE 2018 Status: Approved Country: Sudan
Sector: Social Approval date: 06-sep-2018 Task Manager: DARBO Suwareh, COSD
Total cost: 712710
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
SRF: 712707.58
Implementing Agency: Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) Ministry of Security &Social Dev. (MSSD) Location: WHITE NILE STATE


The AfDB emergency and humanitarian assistance will complement work currently being done by the Government and other donors. The Project components are: (i) construction of 4 schools to avoid overcrowding in classrooms, rehabilitate 4 health centers, and construct 4 new water points); (ii) rehabilitation of existing and affected school classroom structures such as latrines, electrical cabling, and water pumps; and (iii) provision of furniture, refurbishment of equipment, reconditioning, and replacement of academic materials. The total amount of the emergency and humanitarian assistance required is estimated at USD 1.0 million (One Million US Dollars).


Help construct 4 new schools with 8 latrines, provide educational materials, restore and improve water facilities, construct 4 new water points, rehabilitate 4 health centers and provide sanitary facilities to control outbreak of diseases on school campuses and their homes. In this context, the three key areas targeted by the proposed assistance are: (i) halting interruptions in the school calendar and educational program, (ii) provision of better health facilities for school children, and (iii) improvement in the nutritional status of children.


The current emergency situation in refugee camps in White Nile State is beyond the capacity of the Government of Sudan (GoS) and its agencies without significant support from the international community. The 2017 humanitarian planned budget for Sudan stands at USD 1.05 billion. By April 2018, only 20% of the total planned budget has been mobilized. Uncertainty remains high about the fate of the severely affected people, mainly women and children.