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RDC - Projet d’appui au programme national de renforcement des capacités (PANPURC) - REPP


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) covers the Project to support the DRC’s National Capacity Building Programme t (PANPURC), approved in June 2001 and completed in 2006, which contributed to the implementation of the National Emergency Capacity Building Programme (PNURC), adopted in 1999 by the Government. At appraisal, PANPURC fitted into the political and economic context of the late 1990s, marked by the continuing civil war but also by the start of the peace process. Against this background, no reconstruction project could be effective without capacity building. PANPURC is still relevant today as the DRC, having emerged from a post-crisis situation, remains a fragile State experiencing gradual improvement, but characterized by one of the lowest human development indicators in the world.

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