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Marocco - Education Project V - Completion Report


The Education Project V in Morocco was approved by the Bank on 24/11/1993. The Bank awarded an ADB loan of UA 30.00 million and an ADF loan of UA 10.13 million for its financing. Both ADB and ADF loan agreements were signed on 13/03/1995 and became effective on 22/10/1996. Subsequent to the previous four Bank Group-financed operations in Morocco’s education sector, this project was in keeping with the continuation of efforts to reform the Moroccan educational system and intended to improve its quality, build secondary education intake capacity and reduce the illiteracy rate. The project’s objectives were to improve the quality of primary and secondary education, adapt higher education to the country’s needs and make secondary education accessible to all. The project also aimed to reduce the illiteracy rate of rural women and sensitize them to maternal and child health, family planning, nutrition, the benefits of schooling girls, environmental protection and AIDS control. It also aimed to promote environmental education and extend population education to secondary education. 

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