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Développement du capital humain

The African Development Bank’s Human Capital Strategy aims to harness the potential of 1 billion Africans through skills development and investments in new technologies to promote quality jobs and workforce competitiveness.

With a population bigger than any other continent’s, Africa has a huge asset and a strong competitive advantage. Equipped with education, skills and jobs, its youth stand to be the most important driver of economic growth. Inclusive economic growth ensures Africans can reach their full potential and are on a path to prosperity. Harnessing individual potentials of Africa’s human capital is the most sustainable key to economic transformation and social progress.

Current estimates are that the number of youth will double to 850 million by 2050 and that nearly 38% of youth in sub-Saharan Africa want to move permanently to another country.

Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development is at the heart of the African Development Bank’s High 5s: “Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa.”  


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