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Fact Finding Mission Report


CRMU received the Request in Annex 1 of this Addendum dated 14 February, 2014 related to the Bank financed Kawempe rehabilitation project in Kampala, Uganda. The complaint was submitted by a family who alleged that the Kawempe Health Center being rehabilitated and transformed into a Referral Hospital with Bank financing is a property that belonged to their father, the late Dr Sembeguya. The prominent physician acquired the Plot in 1948 and built his home and subsequently a private clinic on the land in 1954. He is alleged to have been abducted and killed in 1973 by Former President Idi Amin’s regime that also forcefully took the clinic away from the widow in 1974 and handed it to Kampala City, now the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA). According to the Requestors, it is Dr. Sembeguya’s clinic that was turned into what is known today as the Kawempe Health Center. The Requestors claim that no compensation was ever paid to the heirs of Dr. Sembeguya and that fraudulent acts were committed, in attempts that were made to justify the forceful dispossession.

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