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29-Jan-2020 Sudan - Capacity Building for Improved Quality of Education System and Skills Development - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Somalia - Economic and Financial Governance Project (EFGP) - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Rwanda - Regional ICT Centre of Excellence Project - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Contract Awards - RDC - Travaux de construction d’une Tour de contrôle/bloc technique, construction et équipement d’une centrale électrique et construction d’une caserne anti-incendie et ses annexes à l’Aéroport de Mbuji-Mayi
29-Jan-2020 AMI - Multinational - Recrutement de l’Auditeur du PRESIBALT/GEF/PARSEBALT
29-Jan-2020 Malawi - Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road Rehabilitation Project - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Uganda - Road Sector Support Project 4 - Project Appraisal Report
28-Jan-2020 EOI - Egypt - Review the financial statement for Project “Green Growth: Industrial Waste Management and SME Entrepreneurship Hub in Egypt
28-Jan-2020 AMI - Guinée Bissau - Sélection d’un cabinet pour l’audit des états financiers du PARGEF pour les exercices 2017, 2018 et 2019
28-Jan-2020 GPN -Eritrea - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Programme – Project V (DRSLP-V)
28-Jan-2020 EOI - Sierra Leone - Enhancing Tax Compliance in Sierra Leone
27-Jan-2020 EOI - Namibia - for Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study on Crop and Livestock Value Chain Analyses
27-Jan-2020 Standard & Poor’s Ratings - January 2020
27-Jan-2020 GPN - Ethiopia - Accelerated Stunting Reduction Project (ASReP)
27-Jan-2020 Japan Credit's Rating - News release - June 2019
27-Jan-2020 PPM - Togo - Projet de Transformation Agro-alimentaire du Togo (PTA-Togo) - APRODAT
27-Jan-2020 Fitch Ratings 2019
27-Jan-2020 EOI - Tanzania - Construction of two water supply schemes in two drought prone villages (Makuyuni and Jipe) of Mwanga district
27-Jan-2020 EOI - Liberia - Independent Environmental and Social Compliance Audit Services for the Fish Town Harper Road Project, Paving of Harper – Fish Town (130 km) and Harper Junction to Cavalla Custom (16km)
27-Jan-2020 SPN - Kenya - Support for Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Relevant skills development GOK/ AfDB TVET Project phase II