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AAA Accra Agenda for Action CEMAC Central African Economic and Monetary Community
ACBF African Capacity Building Foundation CGP Country Governance Profile
ACFA Accelerated Cofinancing Facility CHRM Human Resources Management Department
ADB African Development Bank COBS Strategy and Budget Department
ADF African Development Fund CODE Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness
ADF-X  Tenth General Replenishment of the African
Development Fund
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
ADF-XI Eleventh General Replenishment of the African
Development Fund
COMPAS Common Performance Assessment Framework
ADFIs Arab Development Financial Institutions COO Chief Operating Officer
ADI African Development Institute COP Conference of Parties
ADOA Ex-ante Additionality and Development Outcome
CoW Committee of the Whole
ADR African Development Report CPAR Country Procurement Assessment Report
AEC African Economic Conference CPR Country Portfolio Review
AEO African Economic Outlook CRM Climate Risk Management
AERC African Economic Research Consortium CSP Country Strategy Paper
AFCR Africa Food Crisis Response CSVP Corporate Services Complex
AFD Agence Française de Développement DBSA Development Bank of South Africa
AfDB African Development Bank Group DEG Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
AFESD Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development DFI Development Finance Institution
AFP African Financing Partnership DFID Department for International Development
AFFM African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism DP Data Platform
AFRITAC African Regional Technical Assistance Center DRC Democratic Republic of Congo
AIC African Infrastructure Consortium DSA Debt Sustainability Analysis
AICD Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic DSF Debt Sustainability Framework
ALM Asset-Liability Management EAC East African Community
ALSF African Legal Support Facility EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
AMBD Committee on Administrative Matters Affecting
the Boards of Directors
EC European Commission
APPR African Portfolio Performance Review ECA Economic Commission for Africa
APR Action Plan on Results ECBD Ethics Committee of the Boards of Directors
APRM African Peer Review Mechanism ECCAS Economic Community of Central African States
AsDB Asian Development Bank ECON Chief Economist Complex
AU African Union ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
AUFI Audit and Finance Committee EIB European Investment Bank
AWF African Water Facility EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
BOAD Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement EL  Executive Level
CAADP Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development
ELF  Emergency Liquidity Facility
CAHR Committee on Administrative Affairs and Human
Resource Policy Issues
EPSA Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa
CBFF Congo Basin Forest Fund ERSP Economic Reforms Support Program
CEIF Clean Energy Investment Framework ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
CEISP Community Empowerment and Institutional
Support Program
ESW Economic and Sector Work
FDI Foreign Direct Investment EU European Union
FINESSE Financing Energy Services for Small-Scale End
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FMO The Netherlands Development Finance
FAPA Fund for African Private Sector Assistance
FNVP Finance Complex MFW4A  Making Finance Work for Africa
FO Field Office MIC Middle-Income Country
FSF Fragile States Facility MTS Medium-Term Strategy
FSU Fragile States Unit N.A. Not Applicable
GAP Strategic Directions and Action Plan for
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
GCC Governors’ Consultative Committee NEPAD-IPPF NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility
GDP Gross Domestic Product NGO Non-governmental Organization
GEF Global Environment Facility NPV Net Present Value
GNI Gross National Income NSDS National Strategies for the Development of Statistics
GS General Services Staff NTF Nigeria Trust Fund
HA & MfDR Harmonization, Alignment and Managing for
Development Results
ODA Official Development Assistance
HIPC Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
HQ Headquarters OIVP Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration Complex
ICF Investment Climate Facility for Africa OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
IDA International Development Association OPEV Operations Evaluation Department
IDB  Inter-American Development Bank OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
IDC Industrial Development Corporation of South
ORQR Quality Assurance and Results Department
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development ORRU Partnerships and Cooperation Unit
IFC International Finance Corporation ORVP Country & Regional Programs & Policy Complex
ILO International Labor Organization OSUS Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Unit
IMF International Monetary Fund OSVP Sector Operations Complex
IPPF Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility PBA Performance-Based Allocation
IRM Independent Review Mechanism PCCF Post-Conflict Countries Facility
IsDB Islamic Development Bank PCGF Partial Credit Guarantee Facility
IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management PCR Project Completion Report
JAI Joint Africa Institute PFM Procurement and Financial Management
JBIC Japan Bank for International Cooperation PHRDG Policy and Human Resources Development Grant
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency PL Professional Level
KFAED Kuwait Fund for Arab and Economic
PMG Performance Monitoring Group
KMDS Knowledge Management and Development
PPP Public-Private Partnership
KOAFEC Korea–Africa Economic Cooperation Proparco French Private Sector Development Bank
KPIs Key Performance Indicators PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
LOC Line of Credit PRST President Unit within ADB
MDB Multilateral Development Bank RAS Regional Assistance Strategy
MDG Millennium Development Goal RASP Regional Assistance Strategy Paper
MDI Multilateral Development Institution RBM Results-Based Management
MDRI Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative RB-PRSP Results-Based Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
MDWPP Multi-Donor Water Partnership Program REC Regional Economic Community
MfDR Managing for Development Results RMC Regional Member Country
SADC Southern Africa Development Community RMF Results Measurement Framework
SCO Staff Council RRSF Reference Regional Strategic Framework for
SDR Standard Drawing Right RWSSI Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative
SFRD Special Fund for Reconstruction and
UEMOA West African Economic and Monetary Union (also WAEMU)
SMEs Small and Medium-Size Enterprises UN United Nations
SRF Special Relief Fund UNDP United Nations Development Program
SRFIC Strategic Resource Framework for Institutional
UNECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
SWAps Sector-Wide Approaches UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
TCF Technical Cooperation Fund UNFCCC United National Framework Convention on Climate Change
TCFRP Technical Cooperation Fund Reform Policy URBD Units Reporting to the Board of Directors
TRA Temporary Relocation Agency VP/COO Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Unit
UA Unit of Account WB World Bank