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Projects & Operations

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03-Apr-2020 Liberia - Scaling up the Participation of SMEs in the Secondary Wood Processing Industry in Liberia - Project Appraisal Reports
03-Apr-2020 Liberia - Technical Advisory Assistance and Capacity Building Support to the Liberia Revenue Authority - Project Appraisal Reports
02-Apr-2020 Eswatini - Mkondvo-Ngwavuma Water Augmentation Program (MNWAP) - MIC Grant Report
02-Apr-2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Proposal for a Grant of USD 2 Million for Emergency Assistance to Support Covid-19 Response in African Countries - Emergency and Special Assistance Grants
27-Mar-2020 Mozambique - Mozambique LNG Area 1 - Project Summary Note
27-Mar-2020 Chad - Rural, Pastoral and Transhumance Infrastructure Project - Project Completion Report
27-Mar-2020 Multinational - Razorite Healthcare Africa Fund I - Project Summary Note
25-Mar-2020 Egypt - Strengthen the Institute of National Planning (INP) - Project Completion Report
25-Mar-2020 Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP) – Supplemental Financing - Program Appraisal Report
18-Mar-2020 Multinational Bagamoyo – Horohorolunga -Lunga – Malindi Road Project Phase I - Appraisal Report
18-Mar-2020 Multinational - Lake Chad Basin Sustainable Development Programme (Prodebalt) - Project Completion Report
17-Mar-2020 RDC - Appui Pour Création de l'agence pour le Développement et La Promotion du Site D'inga (INGAADEPI) - Rapport D’achèvement de Projet
16-Mar-2020 RDC - Projet d'aménagement de Route Batshamba-Tshikapa Section Loange-Pont Lovua - EER Aout 2018
16-Mar-2020 Somalia - Building Resilience to Water Stress in Somaliland - Preparation of Water Resources Management and Investment Plan - Project IPR August
16-Mar-2020 Zimbabwe - Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project – Phase 2 - IPR Juillet 2017
16-Mar-2020 Liberia - Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project - IPR April 2018
16-Mar-2020 Kenya - Mombasa – Nairobi – Addis ABABA PHASE III - IPR September 2019
13-Mar-2020 Mozambique - Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project (MDERP) – IPR October 2018
13-Mar-2020 Ethiopia - Support to the One (Wash) National Program – IPR February 2018
13-Mar-2020 Uganda - Supplementary Loan to Kampala Sanitation Program (AFKSP) – IPRR October 2019