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12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Fiscal Policy for Growth in Africa in Light of the Crisis
12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Impact of the Business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa
12-Oct-2010 Africa and Global Economic Trends Quarterly Review - Third Quarter 2010
12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Structural Transformation of Economies: Lessons from the South
12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - External Debt Reduction and Economic Growth in Low-Income African Countries
12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Targeting in Kenya’s Cash Transfer Programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
12-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - External Finance and Structural Changes for the 18 Sub-Saharan African Post-MDRI Countries
10-Oct-2010 Market Brief - Africa Economic Financial Brief 27-1 October 2010
06-Oct-2010 Liberia - Completion Point Document under the Enhanced HIPC Initiative
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - An African Demand System? Welfare Analysis Using Data from the ICP for Africa 2005
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Bank Intermediation and Risk-Taking in Africa: Does Protection of Creditor Rights Matter?
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - A Decade (2000-2010) of African-US Trade under the African Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA): Challenges, Opportunities and a Framework for Post-AGOA Engagement
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - The Imperatives for Domestic Resource Mobilization for Sustained Post-Crisis Recovery and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - ICT, Financial Inclusion, and Growth: Evidence from African Countries
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - The Cross Border Expansion of African LFCIs : Implications for Regional Financial Stability and Regulatory Reform
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Pro Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Rules in African Currency Unions
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Industrial Strategies for Economic Recovery and Long-term Growth in Africa
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Financial Development and Income Inequality: Evidence from African Countries
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Developing Professional Services in Africa through Regional Integration
05-Oct-2010 AEC 2010 - Growth by Destination (Where You Export Matters): Trade with China and Growth in African Countries