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Economic Brief - Accelerating the AfDB’s Response to the Youth Unemployment Crisis in Africa

This paper was prepared as a background paper for the Joint Youth Employment Initiative for Africa which was launched in 2011 by the AfDB, African Union, ILO and UNECA. The objective of this initiative is to support Regional Member Countries (RMCs) in addressing the growing youth unemployment crisis in Africa. This paper was primarily a response to: (i) the Board’s concerns on high unemployment in the continent, particularly among the youth (ii) the need for a coherent Bank perspective for the high-level seminar on “youth unemployment and inclusive growth” at the 2011 annual meetings...

Tunisie - Rural Drinking Water Supply – PCR

The Rural Drinking Water Supply Programme (RDWSP) seeks to provide drinking water to the rural population considered as some of the most deprived and dispersed in twenty Governorates. Phase I of the programme will provide drinking water for 348,000 inhabitants, as well as water for livestock and irrigation of plantations during drought periods. The programme aims to build 318 water supply systems, comprising 161 new systems and 150 systems to be rehabilitated, as well as transfer 7 complex systems to SONEDE 3 transfer axes, and build the capacity of DGGREE and CRDAs. The sanitation component...

Togo - Proposition visant l’octroi d’un don de 1.000.000 Dollars des États-Unis au titre de l’aide d’urgence pour la lutte contre l’invasion de la chenille légionnaire d’automne

La chenille légionnaire d’automne « Spodoptera frugiperda » a été signalée sur le maïs au Togo en avril 2016 et a envahi tout le pays au cours de la même année avec de forts taux d’infestation. Dès lors, les campagnes agricoles qui ont suivi ont été secouées par les attaques de ce ravageur redoutable.

Guinée - Proposition visant l’octroi d’un don de 1. 000 .000 Dollars des États-Unis au titre de l’aide d’urgence pour la lutte intégrée contre l’invasion de la chenille légionnaire d’automne

En Guinée, la culture du maïs occupe une importante place dans l’alimentation et l’économie. Effectivement, le maïs fait partie des principales spéculations céréalières, derrière le riz et le fonio avec la particularité de faire partie des aliments de base en Basse Guinée et Moyenne Guinée. Egalement, il existe une forte dépendance des ménages vis-à-vis des produits alimentaires importés, en particulier le riz et le blé à travers la consommation du pain et autres produits dérivés. La consommation du riz importé et local représente en termes de proportion à elle seule 98,8 % pendant que celle...

Tanzania - Dodoma City Outer Ring Road (110.2 Km) Construction Project - Appraisal Report

The proposed DODOMA CITY OUTER RING ROAD PROJECT IN TANZANIA comprises construction to bitumen standard of a new dual-carriage way Outer Ring Road of 110.2 km around Tanzania’s capital city, Dodoma. The project is planned to be implemented over a four-year period (including the Defects Liability Period) at a total cost of USD214.69 million.

Zambia - Capacity Enhancement for Public Finance and Economic Management Project (CEPFEM) - Appraisal Report

The expected outcomes are (i) Public financial management improved; and (ii) Public investment management improved. These will be achieved through the following output level results: (i) Debt management capacity strengthened; (ii) Macroeconomic and fiscal management capacity enhanced; (iii) Public investment management capacity enhanced; (iv) Statistical capacity for economic planning strengthened; and (v) Monitoring evaluation systems and Gender mainstreaming enhanced.

Kenya - Bank Group Country Strategy Paper 2019-2023 and Country Portfolio Performance Review

This report proposes the Bank Group’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Kenya for the period 2019-2023. Its preparation coincided with the launch of Kenya’s Third Medium-Term Strategy (MTP-III) 2018-2022 and its operational priorities “The Big Four” (B4), which serve as an implementation plan for the country’s long-term Vision 2030. The MTP-III/B4 identified four priorities, namely, food and nutrition security, manufacturing, affordable housing, and universal health coverage. The CSP 2019-2023 is the product of extensive consultation with the Government of Kenya (GoK), the private sector,...

Nigeria – Say No to Famine - Addressing food and nutrition insecurity in North-East Nigeria - Appraisal Report

Overview: The Bank approved the “Say No to Famine” framework in May 2017 as the Bank’s response to coordinated response to its Regional Members Countries (Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan), Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria) that have been severely affected by prolonged drought periods, conflicts and unstable food production systems, leading to the increased exposure of vulnerable populations to chronic hunger and malnutrition. The “Say No to Famine”- Addressing Food and Nutrition Insecurity in North-East Nigeria seeks to curb fragility aggravated by the Boko Haram insurgency. The Project is part of...

Burkina-Faso - Aide d'urgence pour la lutte intégrée contre l'invasion de la chenille légionnaire d'automne

Pays sahélien et essentiellement agricole, le Burkina Faso reste confronté au défi permanent d’assurer une sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle durable de sa population. L’analyse du secteur agricole burkinabé fait apparaître des performances relativement insatisfaisantes, avec un taux moyen d’accroissement de 3%, en raison d’une part de la faiblesse des rendements de certaines cultures (riz, maïs, niébé, cultures maraichères), mais aussi et surtout en raison de la mauvaise répartition spatio-temporelle des pluies ces dernières années, couplée avec la forte pression parasitaire. En plus...

Burkina-Faso - Support Project for establishing an Agribusiness Bank (PACBA) - Appraisal Report

The project goal is to help increase the growth rate of the agricultural sector and improve its productivity in order to reduce poverty and strengthen the resilience of Burkina Faso's rural environment. The specific objectives of the project are to: (i) improve access to agricultural financing by establishing an agribusiness bank known as Banque Agricole du Faso (Agricultural Bank of Burkina Faso) (BADF); (ii) support the country's economic transformation by creating an agro-industrial value chain that provides local employment; and (iii) help improve the attractiveness of the agricultural...

Ghana - Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (GIRSAL) Project

The Ghana Incentive-Based Risk-Sharing System for Agricultural Lending Project (GIRSAL) is designed within the context of Ghana’s ongoing agricultural transformation including the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda II” (GSGDA II). The underlying theme of the GSGDA II is socio-economic transformation, which involves a change in the structure and composition of the national output in ways that enhance broad-based, inclusive and sustainable growth. The role of GIRSAL is to help accelerate financing and interconnectedness of the agriculture sector to ensure that across its key components...

Nigeria - African Trade Insurance (ATI) Country Membership Programme

Project linkages with country strategy and objectives The strategic thrust of the proposed project is aligned to the African Union (AU) 2063 Agenda and founded on the long-standing engagement and priority area of the African Development Bank (AfDB). The AU Agenda 2063, prepared with the support of the AfDB, identified trade as a key engine of growth for Africa’s economic transformation and sustainable development and advocates for greater trade finance and support to financial institutions. The Bank has over the years strived to overcome trade barriers in the continent and has supported...

Tunisie – Assistance d’urgence aux établissements scolaires affectés par les intempéries dans le gouvernorat de Nabeul

En 2018, la Tunisie demeure confrontée à d’importantes pressions sur ses finances publiques. Afin d’apaiser les tensions sociales, beaucoup de ressources ont été allouées à des dépenses courantes. En effet, les transferts sociaux s’élèvent à environ 2,2 % du PIB en 2018 contre 1,9 % du PIB et 1,6% du PIB respectivement en 2017 et 2016. De plus, l’augmentation des prix du pétrole conjuguée à la dépréciation continue du dinar amorcée en avril 2017 a entraîné une hausse des subventions à l’énergie qui ont atteint en 2018 2,8% du PIB contre 1,6% du PIB et 0,2% du PIB respectivement en 2017 et...

Project Summary Note - Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) - Botswana


Egypt - Update of actuarial study for National Social Health Insurance - PCR

Under the Egypt Health Sector Reform Program launched 20 years ago, a universal health insurance system regulated by a dedicated health insurance law was one of the main and most challenging components to be implemented , largely due to the envisaged high cost of the program and the lack of fiscal resources. The health insurance system would be regulated by a law, and o ver the past decade, several draft s of the health insurance l aw were presented for endorsement by Parliament, yet none was deemed sufficiently satisfactory for endorsement.  

Sierra Leone - Fiscal Consolidation Support Programme FCSP

Management hereby submits the following report and recommendations concerning the award of a grant of UA 15.00 million from the Transition Support Facility (TSF) Pillar I resources to finance the Fiscal Consolidation Support Programme (FCSP) in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone meets the TSF eligibility requirements due to its fragility situation3 . FSCP is a programmatic budget support series spanning two years (2019-2020) aiming at the consolidation of the country’s fiscal stance to carry out reforms for strengthening budgeting processes efficiency and transparency; and promoting girl’s education...

Mauritania - Public Investment Management Support Project (PIMSP) - PCR


Malawi - Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road Rehabilitation Project - PCR

The overarching development objective of the project was to contribute improved mobility of people, goods and services between the towns of Mzuzu and Nkhata Bay. The majority of road users in the area are involved in agricultural, fishing, tourism, commuting to health centres, schools and markets. It was expected that, rehabilitation of the road woud contribute to reducing transportation costs as a result of savings in travel time and vehicle operating costs.

Nigeria - Ebonyi State Ring Road Project – Appraisal Report

The Ebonyi State Ring Road Project comprises: (a) civil works for the rehabilitation to bitumen standard of sections of the Ebonyi State Ring Road as follows: (i) Section I: 135 Ohaukwu - Onueke (35.48 km), (ii) Section II: Onueke - Nwezenyi (52.42 km), (iii) Section III: Nwezenyi - Ndoko (50.99 km), and (iv) Section IV: Ndoko - Ezzamgbo (38.91 km), a total of 177.81 km, (b) consulting services for; (i) Design Review and Supervision of the above civil works; (ii) Mitigation of HIV/AIDS and STI; (iii) Monitoring of ESMP Implementation and Baseline Data Collection; (iv) Road Safety; (v) Audit...

Morocco - Souk At Tanmia Morocco - Appraisal Report

In view of the positive results of the two editions of Souk At Tanmia (SAT) launched by the African Development Bank in July 2012 in Tunisia, and the continued commitment of the Bank to combat unemployment by promoting entrepreneurship, a decision was taken to implement this initiative in other countries of the region. The SAT programme used an integrated approach combining financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurs, while drawing on lessons from the first two editions and international best practices. More than five years after the launch of the first edition of the programme in...