Risk Management

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22/03/2012 Market Risk Review 2011
22/03/2012 2011-The Bank’s Portfolio Credit Risk Review
04/05/2011 Proposal for a Definition of the Bank’s Risk Appetite, Risk Dashboard and Enhancement of Credit Risk Governance
25/05/2010 Market Risk Review 2009
25/05/2010 2009-The Bank's Portfolio Credit Risk Review
04/02/2009 Manual for the use of Risk Management Products
04/02/2009 Request form for a Risk Management Product Transaction
04/02/2009 Guidelines for the use of Risk Management Products
01/01/1970 DFI Risk Management Seminar Report
01/01/1970 Market Risk Review 2007
The report review the Bank’s market risk management objectives and the strategies employed by the Bank to achieve these objectives. It also assess the effectiveness of these strategies over the past year highlighting areas where...Read more