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20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 321 - Determinants of Antenatal Care Utilization in Nigeria
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 318 - A DGE Model for Growth and Development Planning: Malawi
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 315 - Temperature and Children’s Nutrition: Evidence from West Africa
20-Aug-2019 Working Paper 316 - Resilience to Diverse Shocks and Stressors in Niger and Ethiopia
24-Jul-2019 Working Paper 317 - Women Self-Selection out of the Credit Market in Africa
01-Jul-2019 Working Paper 314 - Within-Season Response to Warmer Temperatures: Defensive Investments by Kenyan Farmers
29-May-2019 Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations - 2019
29-May-2019 The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook 2019
29-May-2019 Indicators on Gender, Poverty, the Environment and Progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals in African Countries - 2019
15-May-2019 Jannuary 2011 - Implementation Update- Action Plan to Improve Statistics for Food Security- Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa
15-May-2019 Development Research Briefs - Lengthening Financial Contracts, an Issue in the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) Region
15-May-2019 Commodity Market Brief - Coffee Production in Africa and the Global Market Situation
14-May-2019 Economic Brief - Capital Market Development in North Africa Current Status and Future Potential
14-May-2019 Economic Brief - Towards Sustaining Malawi's Farm Input Subsidy Program
14-May-2019 Economic Brief - Economic Integration to Expand or to Deepen
14-May-2019 North Africa Quarterly Analytical - New Libya, New Neighbourhood - What Opportunities for Tunisia?
13-May-2019 Market Brief - Africa Economic Financial Brief 23-27 December 2013
13-May-2019 Economic Brief - Regional integration in South-East Asia : lessons for the southern Mediterranean Countries
13-May-2019 Africa Economic Brief - Why Africa Needs Green Bonds
13-May-2019 Economic Brief - Global Value Chain Development and Structural Transformation in Nigeria