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Project Appraisal Reports

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06-Sep-2019 Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - Phase I - Appraisal Report
06-Sep-2019 Chad - Business Climate Improvement and Economic Diversification Support Project - Appraisal Report
06-Sep-2019 DRC - Project to Develop the Lovua-Tshikapa Section of the Batshamba-Tshikapa Road - Appraisal Report
06-Sep-2019 Tanzania - The Governance and Economic Competitiveness Support Programme (GECSP) – Supplementary Financing - Appraisal Report
05-Sep-2019 Congo - Appraisal Report - Skills and human resource development project (PDCRH) – 01 2015
05-Sep-2019 Niger - Economic Competitiveness And Financial Management Support Project (PACEGEF) - Appraisal Report
05-Sep-2019 Multinational - Strengthening West Africa’s Public Health Systems Response to the Ebola Crisis (SWAPHS) - Appraisal Report
05-Sep-2019 Tanzania - Support to Technical Vocational Education and Training and Teacher Education - Appraisal Report
05-Sep-2019 Multinational - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Program In the Horn of Africa - DRSLP II - Appraisal Report
05-Sep-2019 Multinational- Appraisal Report - strengthening West Africa’s public health systems response to the Ebola crisis - SWAPHS
03-Sep-2019 Côte d’Ivoire - Abidjan Urban Transport Project - Appraisal report
02-Sep-2019 Gabon - Technical Support to the Green Gabon Initiative for the Preparation of the Graine Programme – Phase II Project - Appraisal Report (Approved)
02-Sep-2019 Central African Republic - Economic and Financial Reform Support Programme (approved)
02-Sep-2019 Senegal - Dakar-Diamniadio-AIBD Regional Express Train Project - Phase I: Dakar-Diamniadio Segment - Appraisal Report
02-Sep-2019 Gambia - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project -RWSSP (approved)
02-Sep-2019 Guinea - Financial Sector Modernization Support Project – PAMSFI - Appraisal Report (approved)
02-Sep-2019 Guinée - Projet d’appui à la modernisation du secteur financier – PAMSFI - Rapport d’évaluation (Approuvé)
19-Aug-2019 Multinational - Projet d’appui à la transformation du centre africain de formation et de recherche administratives pour le développement (PAT-CAFRAD) - Project Appraisal Reports
06-Aug-2019 Maroc - Projet d’appui au renforcement des capacités de la commission nationale de la commande publique (Parc-Cncp) - Project Appraisal Reports
05-Aug-2019 Maroc - Projet d’appui à la confédération générale des entreprises du Maroc (PACGEM) - Project Appraisal Reports