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Projects & Operations

06-Aug-2019 Zimbabwe - Capacity Building for Public Finance and Economic Management - Project Completion Report
06-Aug-2019 Malawi - Public finance management institutional support project, phase two (pfmisp ii) - PCR
06-Aug-2019 Egypt: Combined mid-term review country strategy paper 2015-2019 and country portfolio performance review
06-Aug-2019 Maroc - Projet d’appui au renforcement des capacités de la commission nationale de la commande publique (Parc-Cncp) - Project Appraisal Reports
05-Aug-2019 Maroc - Projet d’appui à la confédération générale des entreprises du Maroc (PACGEM) - Project Appraisal Reports
02-Aug-2019 Zimbabwe - Strengthening Institutions of Transparency and Accountability - Appraisal Report
02-Aug-2019 Tanzania - The upgrading of dodoma(Mayamaya)- babati (Bonga) (188.15 Km) and tunduru-mangaka-mtambaswala road upgrading project (202.5km) - Appraisal Report
02-Aug-2019 Tunisia - Inclusive regional dvelopment support Programme (Padri) - Appraisal Report
02-Aug-2019 South Sudan - Regional Development Finance Institutions (ATI TDB)_Country Membership Programme - Project Completion Report
02-Aug-2019 Egypt - Comprehensive Study And Project Preparation For The Nubaria And Ismailia Canals - Project Completion Report
02-Aug-2019 Tanzania - Road sector support project i: The upgrading of namtumbo-tunduru (193 km) and iringa – dodoma road projects (260 km) - Project Completion Report
02-Aug-2019 Tanzania - Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support (MIVARF) Programme - Appraisal Report
25-Jul-2019 Tanzania - Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (Affm) - Project Summary
25-Jul-2019 Burkina faso - Leraba plain management and development project (paval) - Appraisal reports
25-Jul-2019 Nigeria - Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (Affm) - Project Summary
24-Jul-2019 Multinational - Comesa regional trade & project finance support facility - Project Summary
24-Jul-2019 Multinational - Transport corridor project phase i project - Appraisal Report
24-Jul-2019 Tunisia - BH BANK (formerly known as Banque de l’Habitat) - Project Summary
24-Jul-2019 2019-2023 - Burundi - Country Strategy Paper
23-Jul-2019 Tunisia- Approved-Project to Develop and Promote Agricultural Subsectors in Zaghouan Governorate - Appraisal Report