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08-Nov-2016 Nigeria - Economic Governance, Diversification and Competitiveness Support Program - Appraisal report
08-Nov-2016 Niger - Financial Reforms and Food Security Support Programme – Phase II - Appraisal report
08-Nov-2016 Multinational - Lake Victoria Maritime Communications and Transport Project - Appraisal report
31-Oct-2016 Project Summary Note - Afe Babalola University – Nigeria
31-Oct-2016 Côte d’Ivoire - Value Chains Development Project in Indénié-Djuablin Region
31-Oct-2016 Project Summary Note - Commercial Bank of Africa - Kenya
29-Oct-2016 Malawi - Agricultural Infrastructure and Youth in Agribusiness Project - Appraisal Report
27-Oct-2016 REDD IN AFRICA - Context, challenges and next steps of REDD mechanisms in the continent
21-Oct-2016 AfDB CIF Annual report 2015
14-Oct-2016 Growing Green - The Afdb and CIF for a Climate-Smart Africa - 2016
13-Oct-2016 Algeria - Interim Country Strategy Paper (ICSP) - 2016-2018
07-Oct-2016 Madagascar - Economic Recovery Emergency Programme (PURE) - Completion Report of the project (PCR)
05-Oct-2016 The Renewable Energy Sector and Youth Employment in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia
04-Oct-2016 Ghana - Accra Urban Transport Project – Appraisal report
27-Sep-2016 Mali - PCR - Emergency Economic Recovery Support Programme (PUARE)
27-Sep-2016 Burkina Faso - Electrification of Semi-Urban Areas of Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso Project
26-Sep-2016 AfDB-GEF Annual Report 2015
23-Sep-2016 Egypt - Country Strategy Paper 2015 - 2019
16-Sep-2016 Senegal - Local Development Reform Support Programme – Phase I
16-Sep-2016 Bank Group’s Country Strategy Paper for Senegal, 2016-2020