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Projects & Operations

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15-Jan-2014 Djibouti - 1996 - Rapport de revue de portefeuille
15-Jan-2014 2000-Multinational-Synthesis Paper on Portfolio Reviews
14-Jan-2014 Mali - Supplementary Loan for the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Programme (GPRSSP) - Project Completion Report
08-Jan-2014 Zambia - Fourth Poverty Reduction Budget Support (PRBS IV) - Project Completion Report
29-Dec-2013 Gambia - The Joint African Development Bank World Bank Assistance Strategy (2008-2011) - Project Completion Report (PCR)
23-Dec-2013 Zimbabwe - Youth and Tourism Enhancement Project (YTEP) - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 2013-2015 - Somalia - Addendum to Country Brief
23-Dec-2013 South Sudan - Juba Power Distribution System Rehabilitation and Expansion Project - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Zimbabwe - Governance and Institutional Strengthening Project - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Malawi - Second Governance and Poverty Reduction Support Grant II (GPRSGII) - Project Completion Report
23-Dec-2013 Multinational - Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa Capacity Building Project - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Cameroon - Support Project for Modernization of Land Registration and Improvement of the Business Climate - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Sudan - Public Financial and Macroeconomic Management Capacity Building - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Mozambique - Enabling Large Scale Gas and Power Investments in Mozambique Technical Assistance Project - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Mozambique - Urban Water Supply Sanitation and Institutional Support Project - Project Completion Report
23-Dec-2013 Nigeria - Power Sector Privatization Program - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Mauritania - National Integrated Rural Water Sector Project - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Soudan - Projet de renforcement des capacités de gestion des finances publiques et de gestion macroéconomique - Rapport d'évaluation
23-Dec-2013 Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project – Phase II - Appraisal Report
23-Dec-2013 Senegal - Senegal Virtual University Support Project - Appraisal Report