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Projects & Operations

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09-Dec-2013 Côte d'Ivoire - Combined 2013-2017 Country Strategy Paper and 2013 Portfolio Review
09-Dec-2013 Ethiopia - Harar Water Supply and Sanitation Project - Project Completion Report
09-Dec-2013 Mali - Project for Food Security Consolidation through Development of Irrigation Farming (PRESA-DCI) - Appraisal Report
03-Dec-2013 Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation
02-Dec-2013 Capacity Development - A Foundation for Transformation
29-Nov-2013 Southern Africa Quarterly Review and Analysis – 3rd Quarter 2013 - Issue 10
22-Nov-2013 East Africa Quarterly Bulletin - Third Quarter 2013
22-Nov-2013 Morocco - Analysis of the Education and Training Sector
20-Nov-2013 Tunisia - Impacting North Africa - Souk At-tanmia - Promoting Jobs Innovation and Hope - Project Brief Series
19-Nov-2013 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N°22 - August-October 2013
15-Nov-2013 Burkina Faso - Upgrading of Access Roads Project - Appraisal Report
13-Nov-2013 Togo - Revue économique mensuelle - Octobre 2013
13-Nov-2013 Liberia - Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Support to the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (Tcb-Lisgis) - Project Report
08-Nov-2013 2013-2015 - Zimbabwe - Country Brief
08-Nov-2013 Multinational - Côte d’Ivoire-Liberia-Sierra Leone and Guinea Electricity Networks Interconnection Project (CLSG) - Appraisal Report
04-Nov-2013 Nigeria - Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program - Phase I (ATASP-I) - Appraisal Report
04-Nov-2013 Mozambique - Rural Finance and Intermediation Project (RUFISP) - Project Completion Report
30-Oct-2013 Zimbabwe - Monthly Economic Review - September 2013
29-Oct-2013 The State of Kenya's Private Sector
25-Oct-2013 DRC - Agricutural and Rural Sector Rehabilitation Project in Katanga- Kasai-Oriental and Kasai-Occidental Provinces (PRESAR) - Project Completion Report