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10-Apr-2013 Southern Africa Quarterly Review and Analysis - 4th Quarter 2012 - Issue 7
10-Apr-2013 Zambia - Preparation Activities of the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project - Project Preparation Facility
04-Apr-2013 East Africa Quarterly Bulletin - Fourth Quarter 2012
04-Apr-2013 East Africa Quarterly Bulletin - Third Quarter 2012
03-Apr-2013 Quarterly Thematic Review Central Africa: Promoting Private Investment in Countries of the ECCAS - Issue N°1 - March 2013
28-Mar-2013 Migration of Tunisians to Libya: Dynamics Challenges and Prospects
27-Mar-2013 Towards a New Economic Model for Tunisia - Identifying Tunisia's Binding Constraints to Broad-Based Growth
26-Mar-2013 Measuring Poverty, Inequalities and Polarization in Tunisia 2000-2010
25-Mar-2013 Liberia - Grant Support for the Secondment Program for Services of a Procurement Specialist Transport Engineer to Support the Ministry of Public Works - Project Report
20-Mar-2013 Liberia - Grant Support for Institutional development and Capacity Building to Governance Commission Project - Project Report
19-Mar-2013 Zimbabwe - Monthly Economic Review - February 2013
14-Mar-2013 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N°19 - January-February 2013
10-Mar-2013 LinkAfrica Newsletter - Issue N°1 - March-April 2013
08-Mar-2013 2013-2017 - Nigeria - Country Strategy Paper
Office spreadsheet icon 2012-country_governance_rating_cgr_.xls 06-Mar-2013 2012-Country Governance Rating (CGR)
Office spreadsheet icon 2012-adf_country_performance_assessment_cpa_.xls 06-Mar-2013 2012-ADF Country Performance Assessment (CPA)
05-Mar-2013 2013-2017 - Lesotho - Country Strategy Paper - Draft Version
Office spreadsheet icon 2012-country_portfolio_performance_assessment_ppa_.xls 04-Mar-2013 2012-Country Portfolio Performance Assessment (PPA)
Office spreadsheet icon 2012-country_policy_and_institutional_assessment_cpia_.xls 04-Mar-2013 2012-Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)
04-Mar-2013 2012-CPIA Questionnaire