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09-Dec-2019 Multinational - African Development Partners III - Project Summary Note
29-Nov-2019 Uganda - Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project - Project Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2019 Senegal - Resource Mobilisation and Reform Effectiveness Support Programme – Phase I (Pamrer I) - Project Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2019 Gambia - Trans-Gambia Corridor Project (Phase I) Construction Of The Trans-Gambia Bridge And River Crossing Improvement - Project Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2019 Mali - Economic Growth Support Programme II (PACE-II) - Project Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2019 Nigeria - Nigeria Transmission Expansion Project Phase 1 (Ntep1) - Project Appraisal Report
28-Nov-2019 Congo - Integrated Agricultural Value Chains Development Project (PRODIV AC) - Project Appraisal Report
28-Nov-2019 Eritrea - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Programme – Project V (DRSLP V) - Project Appraisal Report
28-Nov-2019 Cameroon - Competitiveness and Economic Growth Support Programme, Phase III (PACCE III) - Project Appraisal Report
14-Nov-2019 Eswatini - Statistical Capacity Building (SCB II) in Regional Member Countries for MDG Monitoring & Results Measurement - Project Completion Report (PCR)
14-Nov-2019 Morocco - Rabat-Salé Airport Modernisation And Extension Project (PEMARS) - Project Appraisal Report
14-Nov-2019 Ethiopia - Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks - Support Project (IAIPSP) - Appraisal Report
14-Nov-2019 Burkina Faso - Support Project for Youth Employment and Skills Development in Rural Areas (PADEJ-MR) - Appraisal Report
12-Nov-2019 Sierra Leone - Three Towns Water Supply And Sanitation Project - Project Appraisal Report
12-Nov-2019 Cote D’ivoire - Support Project For The Implementation Of The Inclusive Service Delivery Development Programme (Pame - Pdsi) - Project Appraisal Report
12-Nov-2019 Cameroon - Public Finance Management Strengthening Support Project (Pargefip) - Project Appraisal Report
12-Nov-2019 Cameroun - Projet D'appui au Renforcement de la Gestion des Finances Publiques (Pargefip) - Rapport D’évaluation de Projet - Annexes Techniques
08-Nov-2019 Niger - Tamaske-Tahoua and Tamaske-Mararraba Roads Development Project - Appraisal Report
08-Nov-2019 Mali - Trans-Sahara Highway Project (TSH- PHASE 2 – BOUREM-KIDAL SECTION) - Project Appraisal Report
08-Nov-2019 Angola - Economic Diversification Support Program (EDSP) – Project Appraisal Report