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Projects & Operations

19-Mar-2019 Mozambique - Agricultural Value Chain and Youth Empowerment Project (AVACYEP) - Appraisal Report
19-Mar-2019 Project Summary Note - STANBIC IBTC BANK PLC – Nigeria
19-Mar-2019 Benin - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme (PACEB) - Appraisal Report
19-Mar-2019 Djibouti - Proposition visant l’octroi d’un don d’un million de dollars EU (1 000 000 USD) au titre de l’aide d’urgence pour la réhabilitation des infrastructures scolaires endommagées par le cyclone tropical Sagar
18-Mar-2019 Senegal - Rehabilitation of the Senoba – Ziguinchor - Mpack Road and opening up of the Southern Regions - Appraisal Report
18-Mar-2019 Senegal - Project for support to skills development and youth entrepreneurship in growth sectors - Appraisal Report
18-Mar-2019 Senegal - Project to improve access to electricity in peri-urban and rural areas - Appraisal Report
16-Mar-2019 Project Summary Note - Infrastructure Credit Guarantee Company Limited (“InfraCredit”) – Nigeria
15-Mar-2019 Project Summary Note - DRC Green Mini-Grid Program - Democratic Republic of Congo
14-Mar-2019 Sierra Leone - Fiscal Consolidation Support Programme - FCSP
07-Mar-2019 Gambia - Africa Disaster Risks Financing (ADRIFI) - Appraisal Report
07-Mar-2019 Cameroon - Joint 2015-2020 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) Mid-Term Review And Country Portfolio Performance Review Report (Cppr)
06-Mar-2019 Zimbabwe - Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project – Consolidation Works - Additional Financing Grant Proposal
06-Mar-2019 Togo - Combined Report on the Mid-Term Review of Country Strategy Paper 2016-2020 and the 2018 Country Portfolio Performance Review
06-Mar-2019 Togo - Toilets for all in Sokodé through faecal sludge valorisation and Microcredit – PCR
27-Feb-2019 Togo - Togo Agro-Food Processing Zone Project (PTA-TOGO) - Appraisal Report
26-Feb-2019 Project Brief – Multinational - ATLANTIC COAST REGIONAL FUND LLC II (ACRF-II)
26-Feb-2019 Mauritania - Agricultural Transformation Support Project (PATAM) - Appraisal Report
26-Feb-2019 Project Brief – Multinational - AFRICINVEST FUND III
25-Feb-2019 Project Summary Note - SA Commuter Transit - South Africa