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Projects & Operations

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06-Jun-2019 2005-2009 - Mali - Mid-Term Review of Results Based Country Strategy Paper (PBCSP) and Extension to 2008-2011
05-Jun-2019 Rwanda - Additional Financing - Scaling up electricity access program - phase II - Appraisal report
05-Jun-2019 Lesotho - Lowlands rural water supply and sanitation project - Appraisal report
05-Jun-2019 DRC – Project to Support the Development of Agricultural Value Chains in Six Provinces in DRC (PADCA-6P) - Appraisal report
05-Jun-2019 Madagascar - Africa Disaster Risks Financing Programme (Adrifi) - Appraisal Report
05-Jun-2019 Niger - Kandadji ecosystems regeneration and Niger valley development programme support project (PA_KRESMIN) - Appraisal report
03-Jun-2019 1997-Zambia-Country Portfolio Review Report
29-May-2019 Morocco - NOOR Midelt Solar Complex Project – Phase I (NOORM I AND NOORM II Solar Plants) - Appraisal Report
27-May-2019 2001 - CAR - Country Dialogue Paper
24-May-2019 Mali - 2015-2019 Country Strategy Paper Mid-Term Review and 2018 Country Portfolio Performance Review
24-May-2019 Comoros - Energy Sector Support Project - Supplementary grant memorandum and recommendation
23-May-2019 2011-2015 - Eastern Africa-Regional Integration Strategy Paper - Draft Version
23-May-2019 Namibia - The New Port of Walvis Bay Container Terminal Project: Logistic and Capacity Building Component (MIC Grant) – PCR
23-May-2019 Project Summary Note - Verod Capital Growth Fund III
21-May-2019 Project Summary Note - Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC) – Kenya
20-May-2019 The Gambia - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project - PCR
16-May-2019 East Africa Quarterly Bulletin - Second Quarter 2014
16-May-2019 Mali - 2012 - Profil du genre pays
14-May-2019 Multinational - Programme for integrated development and adaptation to climate change in the Niger Basin (PIDACC) - Appraisal Report
13-May-2019 Southern Africa Quarterly Review and Analysis – 1st Quarter 2013 - Issue 8