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23-Jul-2019 Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multidonor Trust Fund (YEI MDTF) - Appraisal Reports
23-Jul-2019 Equatorial Guinea - Support for the Development of Value Chains in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Somalia - Road Infrastructure Programme - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Sierra Leone -Approved- Agribusiness and Rice Value Chain Support - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Multinational - Temane transmission project (ttp) - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Somalia - Kismayo-Baidoa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation project - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Multinational – East African Community Payment and Settlement Systems Integration Project (EAC-PSSIP) - Project Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Democratic Republic of Congo - National road no.1 rehabilitation project: KINSHASA/NDJILI – BATSHAMBA section - June 2019
23-Jul-2019 Tunisia - Project to Develop and Promote Agricultural Subsectors in Zaghouan Governorate - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Senegal - water valorisation for value chains development project - Appraisal Report
23-Jul-2019 Ghana - Eastern corridor road development programme - phase 1 - June 2019
22-Jul-2019 Multinational - Distributed Energy Service Companies (DESCOs) - Project Summary
18-Jul-2019 Benin - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme (PACEB) - PHASE II
18-Jul-2019 Zimbabwe: Country Brief 2019-2020 combined with Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR)
17-Jul-2019 African Continent - Harmonization of African Standards for Agriculture and Food Products - PCR
28-Jun-2019 Ghana – Eastern corridor road development programme - Phase 1 - Appraisal Report
28-Jun-2019 DRC – National road no.1 Rehabilitation Project: Kinshasa/Ndjili – Batshamba section - Appraisal Report
25-Jun-2019 Multinational - Uhuru Growth Fund I – Project Summary
24-Jun-2019 Ghana - Country Strategy Paper 2019-2023
24-Jun-2019 Malawi - Multinational Nacala road corridor development project Phase V - Appraisal Report