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Application 2001-05 - Judgment of 19 July 2002



1. The Applicant, Mr. Afolabi Alphonse OLONI, joined the services of the African Development Bank (hereinafter called “the Bank”) on 2 November 1976 as a receptionist on Grade G1 scale 4. On 27 July 1977, he was transferred to the stock management section of the canteen and pharmaceutical products. In 1983, in addition to his duties as stock controller beverages, he was put in charge of the section responsible for spare parts. On 14 February 1996 he was promoted to the post of stocks controller. On 3 February 1997, he was given the charge of reception of all orders and management of the spare parts store as well as that of beverages.

2. A Bank audit conducted on 21 October 1998, revealed that a large amount of paper from the stocks, that the Bank had received in August 1998 in two (2) containers had disappeared and could not be accounted for either through the records of exit of inventories for use at Headquarters or otherwise.

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