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Application 2004-04 - Judgment of 01 December 2005


Mrs. Kathy Dehlu MHANGO, Applicant, is the second wife of late Kapizgapizga H. M. MHANGO, who was in the service of the Bank as Principal Sanitary Engineer from 27 December 1982 until his death on 13 October 1996. Mr. MHANGO’s first wife was Susan V. MTAWALI, whom he divorced on 11 November 1986, before marrying Kathy Dehlu TOWEH on 1 April 1989. Therefore, at the time of Mr. MHANGO’s death, his surviving spouse was Mrs. Kathy Dehlu MHANGO, the Applicant, who is also the mother of their son, Mbulunji Dwanyen MHANGO, born on 31 October 1991.

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