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Application 2004-05 - Judgment of 16 December 2004


Mrs. M. F., Applicant, was recruited by the Bank on 09 March 1978, as Secretary in the office of one of the Respondent’s Vice Presidents. She acceded to permanent career status with effect from 1 January 1985. She held the position of Secretary successively in various departments of the Respondent. On 10 May 1996, while she worked as a Secretary at the AUDT department, she was temporarily transferred to the Communications Unit, to assist with the 1996 ADB Annual Meetings, then finally maintained in that Unit in accordance with a memorandum dated 16 July 1996. As part of the reorganization of the Bank in 2002, COMU became SEGL.3, and the Applicant remained in that Unit. At the time of her summary dismissal on 21 January 2004, she still occupied the position of Secretary in SEGL.3, in the General Secretariat.

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