Contract Awards


Contract Awards - Zambia - Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Works in Mansa and Samfya, LOT 1 - ISTWSSP


Contract Awards - Consultancy on the Study of Investment Climate Reforms in Selected Value Chains - PITD


Contract Awards - Zimbabwe - Supply and Delivery of Vehicles and Crane Trucks - Lot B


Contract Awards - Zimbabwe - Supply and Delivery of Vehicles and Crane Trucks - Lot A


Contract Awards - Japan - Communication consultant for supporting SNAR activities


Contract Awards - Bénin - Travaux d’aménagement du périmètre gravitaire avec maîtrise totale de l’eau de Tangbédji pour une superficie de 540 ha à Zogbodomey


Contract Awards - Zambia - Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Works in Kasama and Mbala, LOT 1 - ISTWSSP


Attribution de marché - Togo - Projet d’Appui à la Gouvernance Fiscale (PAGFI)

Publication de L’attribution de Marches de Biens Note D’information

Attribution de marché - Niger - Mise en Oeuvre des Infrastructures Optiques dans le Cadre du Projet de la Dorsale Transsaharienne a Fibre Optique (Dts), Composante Niger Note D’information


Contract Awards - Angola - Institutional and Sustainability Support to Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery


Contract Awards - Namibia - Upgrading of the Railway line between Walvis Bay and Kranzberg: Works Package C002: Arandis - Kranzberg - Namibia Transport Infrastructure Improvement Project


Contract Awards - AHHD - Provision of technical assistance to African countries on Value for Money in the health sector


Contract Awards - Tchad - Etude de faisabilité pour l’aménagement de 65.000 ha de périmètres irrigués - Promote Agricultural Transformation for Green and Inclusive Growth in Chad


Contract Awards - Mozambique - Consulting Services to Update Mozambique Energy Strategy


Contract Awards - Gabon - Projet de Renforcement des Capacités pour l’Employabilité des Jeunes et l’Amélioration de la Protection Sociale (RCEJPS)


Contract Awards - Developing a continental digital and knowledge platform - Continental Nutrition Accountability Scorecard for the ALN Secretariat

Paragraph 12.2 of Presidential Directive No 02/2012 regarding the procedures for the acquisition of consulting services funded by the administrative or capital expenditure budget of the Bank Group (corporate procurement), stipulates that the Procurement and Fiduciary Services Department shall put in place the required mechanisms and tools to ensure a wide dissemination of information on consulting service opportunities as well as the result of the selection process. Similarly, Paragraph 12.3 states that the User Unit shall ensure publication of information relating to Consulting service...

Contract Awards - Tchad - Recrutement d’un Consultant SPM Bureaux BAD RCA-TCHAD


Contract Awards - Recruitment of a Firm to develop a platform strategy and an online interactive digital platform for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab of the AfDB - FAPA


Attribution de marché - Cameroun - Conception-fourniture-montage et installations du Système d’Information Météorologique : Système (PWS / EWS) - SAWIDRA-AC


Contract Awards - Ghana - Recruitment of Consulting Firm for the Design and Supervision of Outfitting Works for the African Development Bank’s Country Office in Accra, Ghana