Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)


Kenya - Sosian Geothermal Power Plants LTD- Menengai Geothermal Power Development: 1X 35MW Project in Nakuru County, Kenya - ESIA Summary

Sosian Geothermal Power Plants Ltd (here after referred to as Sosian) was awarded a tender by Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC) through competitive bidding to install and operate 1x35MW Geothermal Modular Power Plant in Menengai Geothermal Field in Nakuru County for 25 years on a Build - Own - Operate (BOO) basis. The purpose of the Power Plant Project is to increase the power generation capacity of Kenya to enhance socio- economic development and diversify sources of power supply by developing the country’s huge geothermal potential.

Seychelles - The Seychelles Cable System Project - ESIA Summary

This document is an executive summary of the Environmental and Social  Impact Assessment Study (ESIAS) for Submarine Cable System Ltd for PEACE fiber optic cable landing in Mahé, Seychelles.

Madagascar - Sahofika Hydro-Power Project – ESIA Summary

On 17 June 2016, the Ministry for Water, Energy and Hydrocarbons declared the consortium consisting of Eiffage, Eranove, Themis and HIER to be the awardees to develop the Sahofika Hydropower Development Project (the “Project”). This consortium will be responsible for designing, financing, constructing, operating and maintaining the Project under a concession agreement, by means of a Madagascar company named Nouvelle Energie Hydroélectrique de l'Onive (Onive New Hydropower Energy) ("NEHO"). This document is a summary of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) prepared in order...

DRC - The Congo river road-rail connecting bridge construction project - Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) - Summary

The absence of a permanent crossing between the two banks of the Congo River constitutes a major handicap to the implementation of economic development, regional and continental integration policies. Thus, the Kinshasa-Brazzaville road-rail bridge (RRB) construction project aims to speed up trade between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo and to: (i) ensure continuity and free flow of traffic along the Tripoli-Windhoek corridor and its road networks, adopted as part of NEPAD's Short-Term Action Plan, whose backbone will connect the capital cities of N'Djamena,...

RDC - Projet de construction des routes de raccordement au pont route-rail sur le fleuve Congo – Résumé EIES

L’absence d’un ouvrage de franchissement permanent entre les deux rives du fleuve Congo constitue un handicap majeur à la mise en œuvre des politiques de développement économique et d’intégration régionale et continentale. Ainsi, le projet de construction du Pont Route – Rail (PRR) entre les villes de Kinshasa et de Brazzaville vise à accélérer les échanges commerciaux entre les deux pays et à : (i) assurer la continuité et la fluidité du transport le long du corridor Tripoli – Windhoek et ses ramifications routières, adopté dans le cadre du Plan d’action à court terme du NEPAD,...

Angola - 400 kV Transmission Line Belém do Huambo Substation to Lubango Substation – Executive Summaries ESIA & RAP

Angola is a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources, particularly as it relates to the energy sector and power sub-sector. The power system was developed over time with the main source being hydropower and this will continue to be the main source of electrical energy in the future supplemented with gas, wind and solar. At present the major generations totalize 4,3 GW, being 55% generated by hydropower plants. One of the goals of the Angola’s National Development Plan is to increase the access to electricity from 36% in 2017 to 50% in 2022. On the other hand, the National...

Burkina-Faso - Solar Plan: Yeleen Project - ESIA Summary

Power production in Burkina Faso is mainly based on thermal power plants, with particularly high costs. There are interconnections with neighbouring countries, but imports are limited. Given the situation, Burkina Faso has decided to develop power production through solar power plant projects. One of the scheduled development programmes for solar energy is the Solar Plan supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), which assist the National Electricity Corporation (SONABEL) in its efforts to develop the Yeleen project (“The Project”). The...

Tanzania - Msalato International Airport Development Project – ESIA Summary

Tanzania is officially known as the United Republic of Tanzania. It is located in East Africa bordering Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south and the Indian Ocean to the east. The most prominent physical features are Mt. Kilimanjaro at the border with Kenya, Mt. Meru located not far away from Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria in the north and the Usambara Mountains. Tanzania remains a rural based country with nearly 70% of its population living in the rural areas. This rural population...

Burundi - Bujumbura Port and Lake Tanganyika Transport Corridor Development Project - ESIA Summary

Bujumbura Port is the largest port in Burundi and on Lake Tanganyika (followed by the ports of Matulungu in Zambia, Kalémie in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Kigoma in Tanzania). The port was built in the 1950s and although its facilities and equipment are old, they are considered to be in a relatively good state of repair. In 2010, the port’s facilities and equipment handled some 170 000 tonnes of goods, 100 000 of them by lake and 70 000 by land. The different crises suffered by the region resulted in the lack of investment in and poor maintenance of transport infrastructure...

Chad - Djermaya Solar Power Plant Project (32 MWc) - LRP Summary

The Djermaya Solar Power Plant Project consists of the construction of a photovoltaic park which can generate 32 MWp at peak capacity and connection networks to the existing SNE line. The project has a two-fold objective: (i) sustainably boost the country’s environmentally friendly electricity generation capacity; and (ii) upgrade the electricity transmission system by renovating the line from Djermaya to N’Djamena (replacement of cables and the receiving transformer). The project will be the first ever by an independent power producer and will become the basis for the economic and social...

Chad - Djermaya Solar Power Plant Project (32 MWc) – Summary ESIA

Chad is experiencing electricity supply and access difficulties, which hamper the country's development. At the national level, 96.5% of the energy consumed is produced from wood fuels with serious consequences on the environment, particularly on the country’s forest resources and air quality. Moreover, Chad is endowed with huge natural resources, including a large pool of solar energy, which makes it possible to develop sustainable power generation systems, reduce deforestation, and thus improve the country's energy performance

Côte d'Ivoire - Project for the construction and operation of a technical landfill centre in Kossihouen for the disposal of household and similar solid waste in the Abidjan Autonomous District (DAA) - Esia Summary

Waste management in Côte d’Ivoire, especially in Abidjan District, is a serious health and sanitation problem because of the rapid increase in its population from 125,000 in 1955 to about 4,395,000 inhabitants according to the most recent census.  The annual population growth rate is about 4%, which puts additional pressure on services, in particular, sanitation services. Only about   75% of waste is collected in Abidjan and disposed of in a landfill site. The remaining 25% remains uncollected, which creates unsanitary conditions in the city of Abidjan. In 2007, the...

Côte d'Ivoire - Projet de construction et d’exploitation d’un centre d’enfouissement technique à Kossihouen pour l’élimination des déchets solides ménagers et assimilés du District Autonome d’Abidjan - Résumé EIES

La gestion des déchets est un grave problème de santé et d’assainissement en Côte d’Ivoire et principalement dans le district d’Abidjan, en raison de l’augmentation rapide de sa population, passant de 125 000 habitants en 1955 à environ 4.395.000 d’habitants, selon le dernier recensement.la croissance est d’environ 4% par an, ce qui impose des contraintes supplémentaires aux services, notamment les services de salubrité. Environ 75% seulement des déchets sont collectés à Abidjan et...

Liberia - Renewable Energy for Electrification in Eastern Liberia – ESIA Summary

With support from the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) is proposing to develop a hydropower project at Gbedin Falls on the Saint John River in Nimba County, Liberia. The project is referred to as Gbedin Mini Hydropower project and is intended to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity supply to rural and urban communities connected to the cross‐border network between Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has been prepared in compliance with Liberian ESIA procedures and in accordance with...

Multinational : Malindi - Lunga Lunga/Tanga - Bagamoyo Road Corridor Development – ESIA Summary for the proposed upgrading of Mombasa - Mtwapa - Kwa Kadzengo - Kilifi (A7) Section , Kenya

The Government of the Republic of Kenya, through its implementing agency, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and support of the African Development Bank (AfDB) is upgrading of the Mombasa – Mtwapa – Kwa Kadzengo - Kilifi Section of the Multi National A7 Highway. Towards this, KeNHA has commissioned a Consultancy Study to Review the Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement Action Plan and Detailed Engineering developed under auspices of the wider Multinational Malindi – Lunga Lunga/Tanga–Bagamoyo Road Corridor Development

Uganda - Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project – ESIA Summary

Traffic congestion in Kampala city is fast growing due to a combination of poor roads network, uncontrolled junctions, and insufficient roads capacity which is out of phase with the increasing traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) on Kampala roads. This congestion results into higher vehicle operating costs, long travel times and poor transport services. The overall city aesthetics and quality of life is highly compromised by the dilapidated paved roads and sidewalks, unpaved shoulders and unpaved roads which are sources of mud and dust that hovers over large sections of the City.

Kenya - Lamu Coal Power Project – ESIA Summary

Amu Power Company Ltd. (APCL) proposes to develop a 1050MW coal fired power plant in the Kwasasi area of Hindi/Magogoni sub-county, Lamu County, Kenya. The project promoter, APCL is a project development company with main sponsor, Gulf Energy Limited (lead sponsor). Gulf Energy Limited is a leading oil marketing company in Kenya and also owns an 80MW medium speed diesel (MSD) power plant in Athi River, Kenya.

Mozambique - Temane Transmission Project, Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE Project), Phase 1: Vilanculos – Maputo – ESIA Summary

Mozambique is in possession of abundant natural energy resources including a hydropower potential roughly estimated at 12,000 MW, large amounts of coal in the Tete area and substantial proven deposits of natural gas in the Buzi, Pande, Palma and Temane areas. These resources can provide Mozambique with electric power essential for economic development and for large scale power export to neighboring countries, in the medium to long-term, serving as a substantial source of export revenue and economic growth.

Niger - Projet d’aménagement et de bitumage de la route Tamaske-Kalfou-Kolloma y compris la bretelle de Tamaske-Mararraba (63 Km) – Résumé EIES

Le projet d’aménagement et de bitumage de la route Tamaské-Kalfou-Kolloma y compris la bretelle Mararraba (63 km) s’inscrit dans la mise en œuvre des politiques de développement initiées par les plus hautes autorités du Niger (Programme de la Renaissance Acte II et PDES 2017-2021). C’est pourquoi, le gouvernement a sollicité l’appui de la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD) pour le financement et la réalisation de ce projet qui aura des impacts sur les composantes de l’environnement notamment le milieu biophysique (ressource en eau, flore, faune ressource halieutique, climat, sols) et...

Mozambique - Mozambique LNG – ESIA Summary

The Project entails the design, build, operate, and transfer of an integrated Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) plant, including: offshore extraction, underwater pipeline, onshore processing plant, as well as ancillary support facilities. The Project will have a capacity of 12.88 mmtpa of LNG and will source gas from the Golfinho-Atum (GA) field within “Area 1,” which is located 40 km off the coast of Mozambique. Area 1 has ~75 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of recoverable gas, implying a resource life of ~120 years at the initial production rate of 12.88 m tonnes of LNG per year. The Project will...