Evaluation Work Programme


2004-2006 - OPEV - Revised 2003 Work Programme and Strategic Plan

This paper highlights the revision to OPEV 2003 work programme. It also sketches the 2004-2006 OPEV Strategic Plan and Three-year Rolling Work Programme. The implementation of the first half 2003 Work Programme was severely disrupted by the relocation exercise of the Bank early February 2003. As a consequence, it has become necessary for the Department to reorder its priorities for the rest of 2003 by focussing on the urgent assignments required for the mid-term review of ADF-IX.

2002-2004 - OPEV-Three-Year Rolling Work Programme and Budget of the Operations Evaluation Department

The 2002-2004 Three-Year Rolling Work Programme, the subject of this report, has taken into consideration CODE’s recommendations but also guidelines determined in the light of the conclusions of the first ADF-IX replenishment consultations. The need to assess development effectiveness in the attainment of ADF’s strategic objectives, shifting the project focus towards regional member countries as analysis units, as well as towards new sectoral or intersectoral themes3 and, on a higher plane, towards an assessment of the Vision outcomes, henceforth constitutes a priority of the work programme.

2001-2003 - OPEV-Three-Year Rolling Work Programme of the Operations Evaluation Department

The 2001-2003 programme is consistent with the strategic guidelines set out in the previous programme approved by CODE. Its underlying principle is to retain only those activities that will contribute effectively to improving the quality of operations, to managing knowledge and strengthening the monitoring-evaluation capacity not only in the Bank but also in regional member countries and lastly, to developing cooperation and partnership with the evaluation units of other bilateral and multilateral development institutions.

1993 - Operations Evaluation Office - Work Programme