Partnership Agreements



KTIPA - 2010 - Memorandum of Understanding between the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and the AfDB and the ADF


Proposal for the establishment of a Multi-Donor Trust Fund : The Urban and Municipal Development Fund (UMDF)

In 1992, the Board of the African Development Bank Group approved an Urban Development Policy to provide guidance for Bank Group operations in the urban sector, build a foundation for dialogue with counterparts and promote cooperation with other development partners. In October 2011, the Board approved an Urban Development Strategy, which aims to enhance the scale and efficiency of Bank operations in urban sectors of Regional Member Countries (RMCs). The strategy is anchored on three main pillars: (1) infrastructure delivery, (2) governance, and (3) private sector development. Activities...

2010 Trust Funds Annual Report

The African Development Bank Group, in support of its mission to enhance sustainable economic development and reduce poverty on the Continent, promotes different types of partnerships and cooperation arrangements to mobilize resources. Trust Fund is one of the important vehicles to do so. In 2010, a total of UA1 46.87 million was mobilized from donors for bilateral and thematic funds. The Bank‘s three-year Technical Cooperation Fund Reform Program came to an end in September 2009. An independent evaluation of the Reform Program was initiated in 2010. The Reform aimed to simplify and...

2009 Trust Funds Annual Report

With its mission to enhance sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in Africa, the African Development Bank Group promotes different types of partnerships and cooperation arrangements to mobilize resources. This is done through trust funds to supplement its core resources. In 2009, UA 110.8 million was mobilized from donors for bilateral and thematic funds. In September 2009, the Bank’s three-year Technical Cooperation Funds Reform Program came to an end. The reform aimed to simplify and standardize the policies and procedures for trust funds administration with a view to...

Multi-Donor Value for Money Sustainability and Accountability in Social Sectors Trust Fund

To foster and sustain progress in human development, African countries have to get better results for the money they spend on social services. Evidence shows that social spending is often inefficient and ineffective, and there is consensus on the need and means to correct this situation through enhancing value for money, sustainability and accountability. This African agenda has tremendous momentum, which the Bank contributed to create and intends to support as part of its effort toward enhanced human capital for sustained and inclusive economic growth in Africa.

Establishment of a Multi-Donor Agriculture Fast Track

The African Development Bank (“AfDB” or “the Bank”) is one of the key institutions advancing agriculture development in Africa and supports the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, which was launched during the G8 summit in May 2012. The objective of the New Alliance is to lift 50 million people out of poverty over the next decade through a collective commitment to invest in credible, comprehensive and country-owned plans, develop new tools to mobilize private capital, spur and scale innovation, manage risk; as well as engage and leverage the capacity of private sector partners.

General Cooperation Agreement - Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Trust Fund

The Republic of Korea1 is committed to increasing its engagement across Africa. According to the first Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Peer Review of Overseas Development Aid (ODA) in December 2012,2 South Korea is now the 17th largest OECD-DAC Donor to developing countries and is committed to meeting its target of 0.25% of its Gross National Income (GNI) by 2015; in 2012, Korea’s ODA increased by 17.6%.

Tunisia - Souk At-Tanmia Partnership

The January 2011 popular uprising in Tunisia highlighted a number of socio-economic problems facing a broad segment of the population. Despite robust growth and significant progress achieved in recent years in terms of human development, major obstacles still impede the fair distribution of the fruits of growth. The difficult access to the financial system remains an obstacle to private sector development in Tunisia, particularly for the vulnerable sections of the population.

EBRD - 2011 - Memorandum of Understanding between European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the AfDB and the ADF


India - 2010 - Technical Cooperation Agreement on India-Africa Economic cooperation between the Government of the Republic of India and the AfDB and the ADF


Insights on Francophone Africa

Les problématiques auxquelles fait face l’Afrique francophone (Tableau 1 ci dessous) sont similaires à celles de nombreux autres pays africains. Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement finance des activités dans toutes les régions francophones du continent, en Afrique du Nord, Afrique Centrale et Afrique de l’Ouest. Cependant en ce qui concerne le processus d’intégration monétaire, la présence du bloc Franc CFA crée une différence à prendre en compte. Par ailleurs, les économies des pays francophones d’Afrique ont montré une certaine résilience face à la récente crise mondiale avec...

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Bilateral Trust Funds Resources Available for Commitment as of 31 January 2011


Agreement Between the Federative Republic of Brazil, the AfDB and the ADF (South-South Cooperation Trust Fund)

In recent years, Brazil has emerged as a major player in the international development community, having demonstrated successful poverty reduction through sustainable economic development. With a view to sharing proven development practice and resources with other development countries, Brazil has been pivotal in promoting South-South Cooperation. The establishment of Brazil-Africa Forum on Politics, Cooperation and Trade in 2003, the opening of 17 Embassies in Africa as well as the launch of an alliance between India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) are some of the country‟s initiatives...

AfDB and IsDB Partnering for Africa

The long standing cooperation existing between the IsDB and AfDB since 1987 has contributed to co-finance several operations in various sector fostering economic developments and social progress in their Common Member Countries. In general the financing of these operations have been drawn on the initiatives and policies developed by each Institution. The IsDB has developed initiatives for Africa particularly in low incomes countries with the creation of a five year programme (2008-2012) for the special development of Africa with an allocation of US $ 4 billion. The initiative for food...

MSF - 2010 - Exchange of Letters between the Mininstry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea and the AfDB and the ADF, Concerning Co-financing Activities


KSP - 2010 - Memorandum of Understanding on the Knowledge Sharing Program between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the AfDB and the ADF


UNDP - 2001 - Memorandum of Understanding Between the United Nations Development Programme and The AfDB and the ADF