Project Appraisal Reports


Appraisal report - Uganda - Markets and agricultural trade improvement programme: project 2 - MATIP – 2 – Approved – 12 2014

The Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP) is designed to re-develop markets in 21 Municipalities and Town Councils in Uganda. This intervention is based on the conclusions of a feasibility study that was commissioned by the Government of Uganda (GOU) in March 2008, to review and assess the infrastructural and operational state of the local markets across the country. The study concluded that the markets are poorly managed, seriously dilapidated, overpopulated with vendors well beyond their carrying capacities under poor working environment, nationwide. The Government...

Angola - Climate Change Integration in Environmental Management and Sustainable Land use Project(ICE- SLM) - Project Appraisal Report

Climate Change Integration into Environmental and Sustainable Land Management Practices (ICE-SLM) Project is an adaptation program benefiting Angola’s rural areas. The project – of USD 4.416 million on GEF resources (via the Least Developed Countries Fund) is to be allocated to the integration of climate change measures in environment management and sustainable land use. The Angola Government will contribute with 0.441 million USD. The project is expected to improve the integration of climate change measures into decision-making at institutional level (component 1) through: (i) the...

Cameroon - Yaounde Sanitation Project - Phase II (PADY 2) - Appraisal Report

Phase 2 of the Yaounde Sanitation Project (PADY.2) is a continuation of Phase 1 financed by the Bank, which had helped to develop 20% of the main river canal ( Mfoundi ) and its four tributaries crossing the city of Yaounde. PADY 2 will help to develop the remaining canal, thus strengthening the positive impacts of the first phase in terms of health and urban poverty reduction. Its cost, estimated at UA 102 448 000, will be jointly financed with the AFD, the GEF and the Government. It will be implemented over 48 months.

Burkina Faso - Sub-Project 1-Drainage of Ouagadougou’s Outlying Districts - Appraisal Report

This sub-projectis the outcome of technical studies financed by the African Water Facility (AWF) in 2012 that helped to identify the sanitation project for Ouagadougou City’s outlying districts;the project comprises aspects relating to drainage, solid waste management,and the road network. This operation addresses drainage and solid waste management issues,and constitutes the backbone of all future operations. The key expected out comes are: (i) development of the entire length (4140 m) of the Mogho Naaba backwater and its tributaries;(ii) the construction of 68 solid waste collection and...

Lesotho - E-Government Infrastructure Project - Appraisal Report

The objective of the project is the enhancement of good governance by the deployment of a modern and secure e-government broadband infrastructure. Specifically, the project shall enhance coordination of public service delivery across ministries, key agencies and local governments. The Project will also strengthen existing Government data centers and portals; and improve access to e-services for state building such as automated administrative services including e-payroll; civil registration; e-health, e-procurement, e-customs;and,revenue management. The total estimated cost of the project is...

Cameroon - Grassfield Rural Infrastructure and Participatory Development Support Project-Phase II (Grassfield II) - Appraisal Report

The Rural Infrastructure and Participatory Development Support Project, Phase II ( Grassfield II) will be implemented in the North-West Region of Cameroon.The main activity of 70% of the region’s population is agriculture and 13% of the country’s rural poor live there. This operation is a sequel to an initial project(2005-2011),which had significant results and a positive impact on the income of the beneficiary communities.However, the Government has sought to consolidate the project achievements due to the persistence of basic needs and the size of the intervention area in relation to the...

Chad - Business Climate Improvement and Economic Diversification Support Project - Appraisal Report

PACADET’s objective is to promote private sector development and economic diversification in order to lay the groundwork for inclusive economic development in Chad. Its operational objectives are to improve the investment climate by implementing two major components, namely: (i) Supporting public and private sector dialogue and investment climate reform; and (ii) Supporting entrepreneurship and investment promotion.

DRC - Project to Develop the Lovua-Tshikapa Section of the Batshamba-Tshikapa Road - Appraisal Report

The National Road 1 (NR1) (Banana-Matadi–Kinshasa-Lubumbashi-Kasumbalesa-SakaniaRoad) (3,130 km) is the main backbone of the road transport system in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It links Matadi to the West, but also Lubumbashi in Katanga Province to the East of DRC across various towns. The NR1 passes through Kinshasa, Kenge and Kikwit in Bandundu Province, Tshikapa and Kananga in West Kasaï Province and Mbuji-Mayi in East Kasaï Province. Through this road, it is possible from Mbuji-Mayi to get to Mwene Ditu (major railway station) and connect to NR2 leading to Bukavu (South-Kivu...

Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - Phase I - Appraisal Report

In June 2011, the Board of Directors approved a grant amounting to USD 35 million to finance the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (EPIRPI or the Project) targeting the power transmission and distribution facilities throughout the whole country and the rehabilitation of the Ash Handling Plant at the Hwange Power Station in Hwange.The Protocol of Agreement was signed in September 2011. The envisaged outcomes of the intervention include: improved environmental management and ash handling at the Hwange Power Station, improved reliability of sub-transmission and distribution...

Tanzania - The Governance and Economic Competitiveness Support Programme (GECSP) – Supplementary Financing - Appraisal Report

The goal of the supplemental financing, which is aligned with the GECSP, is to support reform efforts aimed at improving Tanzania’s business enabling environment and enhance private sector development. It specifically targets interventions geared towards improving the performance of the energy sector which is critical to attaining accessible, reliable and affordable power in Tanzania. This will ultimately help improve access to and reduce the cost of energy thereby impacting positively on private sector development and the business environment. The stated goal is in line with component 3 or...

Tanzania - Support to Technical Vocational Education and Training and Teacher Education - Appraisal Report

The proposed Tanzania Support to Technical Vocational Education and Training and Teacher Education Projectis designed within the context of the national human resource development priorities and in support of the development of skills in the country.The project is in support of the priorities of the Country Strategy Paperand is in line with Bank’s own priorities as stated in its 2013-2022 strategy. It will focus on the technical vocational education and training sub-sector and on teacher education, with the aim of contributing to efforts to increase the supply of skilled labor and build...

Multinational - Strengthening West Africa’s Public Health Systems Response to the Ebola Crisis (SWAPHS) - Appraisal Report

The objective of the project is to contribute to ongoing efforts to reduce morbidity, mortality and to break the chain of transmission of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by strengthening sub-regional public health systems. In the short term, the Bank’sassistance will support the EVD Outbreak Response Plan of West Africa (July to December 2014). The main objectives of this plan are to:i) Stop transmission of EVD in the affected countries through scaling up effective evidence-based outbreak control measures and ii) Prevent the spread of EVD to at-risk neighbouringcountriesby strengthening...

MULTINATIONAL (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan) - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Program In the Horn of Africa - DRSLP - Approved - 12 2014

The Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Program -Project II is the second intervention ina long term Bank Programme to build communities’resilience to drought and Climate Change,improve their livelihood and promote regional integration in the Horn of Africa. Project II aims to scale up the Program interventions in Ethiopia and extend it to Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan. The Project is expected to develop infrastructures for i) water mobilisation and management, and ii) livestock production, health and marketing. It will also build the capacity of the populations and Governments of the...

Congo - Appraisal Report - Skills and human resource development project (PDCRH) – 01 2015

Knowledge building will be at the centre of the PDCRH,given the various assessment activities and studies planned.Assessment activities relate to the establishment of a system for monitoring the integration,initially,of those trained by the system that will be set up under the project and,later,of graduates of the entire education and training sector. They also concern the impact assessment that will be conducted to determine the relevance of actions planned,in an effort to enhance the flexibility of the vocational training provided by public institutions, as well as linkages with the private...

Niger - Economic Competitiveness And Financial Management Support Project (PACEGEF) - Appraisal Report

The overall goal of the project is to improve Niger's economic competitiveness by strengthening the macroeconomic framework, improving governance in productive sectors (industry, mining and petroleum) and promoting the private sector. The project’s specific objectives are to: (i) improve tax revenue collection; (ii) improve strategic planning and public financial management; (iii) improve the business environment and the industrial sector’s contribution to GDP; and (iv) reduce gender inequality by enhancing women’s economic empowerment.  

Multinational- Appraisal Report - strengthening West Africa’s public health systems response to the Ebola crisis - SWAPHS

The objective of the project is to contribute to ongoing efforts to reduce morbidity, mortality and break the chain of transmission of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by strengthening sub-regional public health systems. In the short term, the Bank’s assistance will support the EVD Outbreak Response Plan of West Africa (July to December 2014).The main objectives of this plan are to:i) Stop transmission of EVD in the affected countries through scaling up effective evidence-based outbreak control measures and ii) Prevent the spread of EVD to at-risk neighbouring countries by strengthening epidemic...

Côte d’Ivoire - Abidjan Urban Transport Project - Appraisal report

Abidjan, a port city and the sixth largest city on the African continent, has a population estimated at 4.71 million (21% of the country’s total population in 2014) and projected to rise to 8.5 million in 2030. Paradoxically, 60% of the road network inspected in 2003 was in bad repair. Due to the combined effect of population growth, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles and the decline of public transport systems, the road network and traffic control system have proved to be inadequate to ensure the flow of the increasing volume of traffic. Almost all intersections face severe...

Gabon - Technical Support to the Green Gabon Initiative for the Preparation of the Graine Programme – Phase II Project - Appraisal Report (Approved)

Gabon,which is located on the Gulf of Guinea, straddles the Equator and covers an area of 267,667 km2. The country is bordered to the North by Cameroon, to the North-West by Equatorial Guinea and to the South-East by Congo-Brazzaville. It has a coastline of 800km along the Atlantic Ocean. Its relief is linked to the equatorial nature of its climate, its hydrography and vegetation. It comprises three distinct geomorphological areas: the coastal plains, mountain ranges and plateaus in the interior. Annual rainfall varies between 1,500 and 3,000mm. Dense, rich equatorial forest covers 85% of...

Guinea - Financial Sector Modernization Support Project – PAMSFI - Appraisal Report (approved)


Guinée - Projet d’appui à la modernisation du secteur financier – PAMSFI - Rapport d’évaluation (Approuvé)