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2009 - Global Debt Issuance Facility


This Information Memorandum comprises neither a base prospectus for the purposes of Article 5.4 of Directive 2003/71/EC (the ‘‘Prospectus Directive’’) nor a document for listing purposes under the Euro MTF market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange but does comprise a base prospectus solely for the purposes of the Luxembourg Law on prospectuses for securities insofar as it applies to exempt issuers under Article 1(2)(b) of the Prospectus Directive. Application has been made to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for notes (the ‘‘Notes’’) issued under the global debt issuance facility (the ‘‘Facility’’) described in this Information Memorandum to be admitted to the official list of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (the ‘‘Official List’’) and to trading on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is the regulated market for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments. References in this Information Memorandum to Notes being ‘‘listed’’ (and all related references) shall mean that such Notes have been admitted to the Official List and admitted to trading on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s regulated market. The Facility provides that Notes may be listed on such other or further stock exchange(s) as may be agreed between the Bank and the relevant Dealer(s) in relation to each issue. Unlisted Notes may also be issued pursuant to the Facility. The applicable Pricing Supplement in respect of the issue of any Notes will specify whether and on which exchange such Notes will be listed or whether such Notes will be unlisted. This Information Memorandum supersedes and replaces the Information Memorandum dated 8 July 2008.

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