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2011-ADF Financial Statements


The African Development Fund (ADF or the Fund) was established in 1972 as an international institution to assist the African Development Bank (ADB or the Bank) in contributing to the economic and social development of the Bank’s regional members, promote cooperation and increased international trade particularly among the Bank’s members, and to provide financing on concessional terms for such purposes.
By its resolution F/BG/2010/03 of May 27, 2010, the Board of Governors increased the membership of the Board of Directors of ADF from twelve (12) to fourteen (14), made up of seven (7) members selected by the Bank and seven (7) members selected by State Participants. The Board of Directors reports to the Board of Governors, which is made up of representatives of the State Participants and the ADB. The ADB exercises fifty percent (50%) of the voting powers in the ADF and the President of the Bank is the ex-officio President of the Fund.

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