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Cameroon-Chad - Electricity Interconnection - Project Study


The Cameroon-Chad interconnection line is recognized within the power exchange scheme of the member-states of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) as part of the key power exchange infrastructure envisaged for this area. In terms of interconnection per se, the current Cameroon-Chad interconnection project design covers the Ngaoundéré–Maroua (Cameroon)-N’Djamena (Chad) segment of approximately 700 km, and a Maroua (Cameroon)-Mogrom-N’Djamena(Chad) section of approximately 250 km. In addition, there is the component involving rural electrification along the corridors of the transmission lines. The study, with an estimated cost of UA 3.060 million net of taxes, will be implemented over a 20-month period from January 2014. It will be financed on an ADF grant and loan totalling UA 2.5 million, and by Cameroon and Chad for UA 0.56 million, mainly covering salary increases for civil servants designated to conduct the study as well as the various premises and rooms to be made available to hold the study monitoring and validation meetings.

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