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Cameroon - Structural Adjustment Programme II (SAP II) - PPER


The present Report deals with Cameroon’s Second Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP II), covering the period 1997/98-1999/2000 in favour of which the ADF granted Loan N° F/CAM/SAP-2/98/12 for an amount of UA 13.02 million in December 1997.

This Programme was a follow-up to SAP I cofinanced by the Bank in 1989. It aimed at restoring internal and external macroeconomic balances with the view to achieving sustainable and equitable growth. The Programme’s components were the following: (i) budgetary policy centered on the increase in receipts and the management and rationalization of expenditures; (ii) public sector reform with the view to stimulating the efficiency of the sector and readjusting the State’s economic parameters; (iii) liberalization and creation of a secure climate for investments and private business; (iv) rehabilitation of the financial sector; (v) adjustment policies for the agricultural, energy and transport sectors; (vi) social policies aimed at poverty reduction, human resource development and the improvement of health services; (vii) a rational exploitation of natural resources, forestry in particular, through the implementation of appropriate local government, taxation and land development measures; and (viii) statistical monitoring of public enterprises, monitoring of internal debt as well as health and poverty indicators.

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