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Communication and External Relations Medium Term Strategy


This paper sets out a medium term strategy for external relations and communication for the Bank. It will support the Bank’s strategic objective (as indicated in its Medium Term Strategy) to earn recognition as the premier development finance institution in Africa. Indeed, it would be difficult for the Bank to achieve this goal without an effective and appropriate communication program.

The Bank has broad programs covering internal and external communications, external relations and the implementation of the Bank’s disclosure policy. The programs have, in recent years, been strengthened, including the revamping of the Website. However, the improvement of the Bank’s communication program has lagged behind the institution’s overall restructuring and reform in communications technologies. The Bank lacks a strategic communication framework. Communication at the Bank has, to a large extent, been reactive. There is a legacy of an institutional culture that discourages internal and external communication. Communication capacity is weak vis-à-vis institutional needs and other multilateral development institutions.

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