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Niger: Secondary Roads Project


This report is the intermediate performance evaluation report (PPER) on the secondary roads project in Niger, implemented in two successive phases, each of which received a separate Bank loan. The UA 2.3 million ADF loan for financing the first phase was approved on 25 August 1983 and became effective 17 months later on 3 July 1985. The UA 4.6 million ADF loan to finance the second phase was approved on 18 June 1986 and became effective within the projected timeframe on 25 June 1987.

The secondary roads project falls within the framework of a sectoral policy aimed at providing an optimum and secure road network and facilitating local, sub-regional and international trade. It seeks to open up four rural areas in Tillaberi and Maradi provinces in order to: (i) ease the supply of essential items to them; (ii) develop local markets, therefore agropastoral production in the project’s impact area; and (iii) reduce transport cost in the said area. The project involved the construction of nine earth road trunks of 607 km during the project’s two phases.

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