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Project Brief - Growth-Oriented Women Enterprises Development Programme (GOWE)


The aim of the proposed programme is to support active women SMEs to mobilize financial and technical resources needed for the growth of their businesses. The programme comprises two inter-dependent components namely: i) a partial guarantee to commercial banks amounting to 10 millions euros; and ii) technical assistance to key beneficiaries. The partial guarantee will be granted to commercial banks for the benefit of target women’s enterprises. Local partner banks will grant loans to women’s enterprises which exhibit a strong growth potential under favourable conditions: attractive interest rate, reduction of collateral guarantees required, reduction of the percentage of equity requirement from 30% to 20% and extension of the loan repayment period to an average of 36 months. The aim is to support women owned businesses to finance their growth in all the eligible sectors authorized by the Bank. The principal portion of these loans will be covered by a 50% partial guarantee.Technical Assistance:entails the enhancement and upgrading of the capacities of programme partners and women’s enterprises through training and technical advisory services.It includes the technological upgrading of targeted SMEs; strengthening their financial management; upholding of intellectual property rights; improving their corporate governance practices; better access to the export markets through the use of ICTs as a tool for market positioning; and sensitisation on HIV/AIDS impacts.

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