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Swaziland - Telecommunications III Project - PPER


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) concerns the Telecommunications III Project in Swaziland, financed from a Bank loan of MUA 7.821 in November 1981. The Loan Agreement was signed on 5/5/82 and became effective on 3/12/82. Swaziland’s telecommunication services are the responsibility of SPTC (Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation), which is a public enterprise, the loan beneficiary and executing agency.

To consolidate the achievements of the two previous projects initiated and financed with Bank assistance, the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC), a public enterprise, defined a sectoral development programme to improve internal communications (urban and rural) and to set up direct and independent external links. The Telecommunications III Project is one of the Programme’s three components and aims to improve telecommunication services in urban areas.

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