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The 2010-2012 Programme and Budget - Framework Paper


The 2010-2012 Programme and Budget Framework Paper is premised on the understanding that the Bank Group 2008-2012 Medium Term Strategy (MTS) will continue to guide the Bank’s interventions in the Regional Member Countries. Consequently, the key guiding principles for the Bank’s Work Programme remain: (i) selectivity and high quality operations; (ii) focus on country level outputs and outcomes; and (iii) continuous improvement of knowledge generation and management. The Programme and Budget implementation environment builds on key institutional activities aimed at enhancing the Bank’s development effectiveness, notably by consolidating the Decentralization Programme; improving the quality assurance and results reporting systems; strengthening partnerships; empowering and motivating staff; strengthening the risk management and financial framework; revamping the Bank’s internal and external communication; reinforcing IT platform and data management capacity; and, enhancing the RMC’s capacity.

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