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Tunisia - Competitiveness Support Programmes I and II - Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER)


This evaluation covers two consecutive programmes. The Competitiveness Support Programme (PAC I, 1999-2001) totalled approximately Euro 416.7m (in 2001) of which the Bank provided Euro 148m. The co-financiers were the EC and the World Bank. PAC II (2001-04) totalled Euro 577m, of which the Bank provided Euro 216m.

The overall aim of the programmes was to establish the basis of a competitive economy and to enable its sustainable growth. Apart from supporting macro-economic management, the programmes were aimed at the improvement of the environment for private investment and supporting privatization, the strengthening of the financial sector (particularly banking and insurance reform), and supporting the liberalization of the ICT sector. Although both programmes supported the same overall reform process PAC I focused more on improving the effectiveness of capital allocation to business, whilst PAC II had a broader focus on improving the general business environment.

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