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01-Aug-2017 Working Paper 274 - Conflict and Fragile States in Africa
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 269 - Climate Change and Renewable Energy Generation in Africa
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 268 - Measuring Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 272 - Price effects of borders between Lesotho and South Africa
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 267 - Does Access to Basic Services Matter for Child Health? Evidence From Togo
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 271 - Facteurs déterminants des IDE en Afrique
19-Jun-2017 Working Paper 270 - The Economy of Tastes, Feelings, and Opinions
18-May-2017 The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook 2017
18-May-2017 Africa Tourism Monitor 2016 - Sustainable Tourism through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
17-May-2017 Working Paper 255 - Competition and industrial policies relating to food production in southern Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 264 - Institutional Reforms and Economic Outcomes in Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 259 - Structural Transformation and Food Security: Their Mutual Interdependence
17-May-2017 Working Paper 263 - Factor Productivity and Potential Output Growth in South Africa
17-May-2017 Working Paper 258 - Structural Transformation: A competitiveness-based view
17-May-2017 Working Paper 262 - Dysfonctionnements de l’offre de transport en Afrique: cas de Yaoundé
17-May-2017 Working Paper 257 - The Inclusive and Sustainable Transformation Index
17-May-2017 Working Paper 266 - Structural Transformation and Income Distribution: Kuznets and Beyond
17-May-2017 Working Paper 261 - Post-Macroeconomics: Some Theoretical and Analytical Issues
17-May-2017 Working Paper 256 - Sub-Saharan Africa’s Manufacturing Sector: Building Complexity
17-May-2017 Working Paper 265 - Monnaie unique et intégration: CEEAC et CEDEAO