Project Appraisal Reports

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19-Feb-2020 Liberia - Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Project (YEEP) - Technical Assistance Request
19-Feb-2020 Sudan - Technical Assistance to the Preparation of a Full PRSP (TAPRSP) - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Sao Tome & Principe - Payments System Infrastructure and Financial Inclusion Project - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Gambia - Digital Masterplan and Capacity Building Program for the Greater Banjul Area - Call For Proposals
18-Feb-2020 Senegal - Project To Restore The Ecological And Economic Functions Of Lake Guiers (PREFELAG) - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Burundi - Projet D’appui à L’amélioration de la Mobilisation des Ressources et du Climat des Affaires - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Somalia - Strengthening Institutions for Economic Policy Management and Infrastructure Development Project (SIEPMID) -
18-Feb-2020 Comores - Assistance technique pour l'élaboration du plan directeur de production, de transport et de distribution de l'énergie électrique et d'une coopération avec le secteur de l'énergie de Côte d'ivoire - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Zimbabwe - Support to the Beef and Leather Value Chains - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Democratic Republic of Congo - Inga Hydro-Power Stations and Kinshasa Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Upgrade (RDPMDP) Project - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Malawi - Protection of Basic Services - Project Appraisal Report
18-Feb-2020 Eritrea - Public Financial Management and Statistics Capacitv Building Project(PFM&SCBP) - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Multinational - Community Road Strengthening Project CU2A Gounghin Koupela - Fada N’gourma – Piega - Niger Border Section - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Tanzania - Transport Sector Support Program - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 South Sudan - Improving Access and Quality of Basic Education - - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Malawi - Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Guinée Bissau - Projet D’appui au Renforcement des Capacités D’administration (PARCA) - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Republic of Zambia - Transforming Rural Livelihoods in Western Zambia – NRWSSP Phase II - Project Appraisal Report
13-Feb-2020 Angola - Environmental Sector Support Project (PASE) - Project Completion Report
13-Feb-2020 Sierra Leone - Mano River Union Rehabilitation of Bo-Bandajuma Road Project - Project Appraisal Report