Project/Programme Completion Reports

22-Aug-2019 Senegal - Community Feeder Roads Project to Support the National Rural Infrastructure Programme (PPC/PNIR) - Project Completion Report (PCR)
22-Aug-2019 Mauritania - Nouakchott City Aftout Essahli Drinking Water Supply Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)
22-Aug-2019 Niger - Basic Education Enhancement Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)
22-Aug-2019 Guinea - Upper Guinea Rural Developement Support Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)
21-Aug-2019 Tunisia - Electricity Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project (Electricity VII) - Project Completion Report (PCR)
21-Aug-2019 Senegal-Guinea-Gambia-Guinea Bissau - Natural Resource Development and Management Project /PMVGRN-OMVG - Project Completion Report (PCR)
13-Aug-2019 Namibia - Humanitarian Emergency Assistance to Mitigate Effects of the 2018-2019 drought - Project Completion Report
09-Aug-2019 Cameroon - Project to Support the National Agricultural Research and Extension Programme - Project Completion Report
09-Aug-2019 Djibouti - Education Project II - Project Completion Report
09-Aug-2019 Multinational - Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building for the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) - PCR
06-Aug-2019 Zimbabwe - Capacity Building for Public Finance and Economic Management - Project Completion Report
06-Aug-2019 Malawi - Public finance management institutional support project, phase two (pfmisp ii) - PCR
23-Jul-2019 Rwanda - Sustainable Woodland Management and Natural Forest Restoration Project - PCR
17-Jul-2019 African Continent - Harmonization of African Standards for Agriculture and Food Products - PCR
13-Jun-2019 Morocco - Eleventh drinking water supply project-upgrading of drinking water supply in the Rabat-Casablanca coastal area - PCR
23-May-2019 Namibia - The New Port of Walvis Bay Container Terminal Project: Logistic and Capacity Building Component (MIC Grant) – PCR
20-May-2019 The Gambia - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project - PCR
10-May-2019 Tunisie - Rural Drinking Water Supply – PCR
25-Apr-2019 Egypt - Update of actuarial study for National Social Health Insurance - PCR
17-Apr-2019 Malawi - Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road Rehabilitation Project - PCR