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10-May-2019 2008 AEC - Rural poverty dynamics and impact of intervention programs upon chronic and transitory poverty in northern Ethiopia
10-May-2019 Tanzania - 2012 - Country Profile
10-May-2019 Mozambique - Country results brief 2018
09-May-2019 2008 AEC -Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure in Africa
09-May-2019 Somalia - Consumer Price Index - January 2019
09-May-2019 AfDB Group Annual Report 2009 (Portuguese)
09-May-2019 Annual Report 2012 (Portuguese Version)
09-May-2019 CEA 2008 - Mobilité des capitaux en Afrique du Nord
09-May-2019 ORNA - North Africa - Annual Report 2014
09-May-2019 Somaliland - Consumer Price Index - December 2018
09-May-2019 AEC 2010 - Environmental Conservation as an Engine for Economic Growth: Testing the Validity of Environmental Kuznets Curve on Carbon Emissions for Kenya
08-May-2019 AEC 2010 - Governance, Financial Liberalization, and Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Office presentation icon _session_i.1.2_3_external_debt_reduction_and_economic_growth.ppt 08-May-2019 AEC 2010 - External Debt Reduction and Economic Growth
08-May-2019 AEC 2010 - The Effectiveness of Remittances and Foreign Aid in Promoting Savings and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
08-May-2019 AEC 2012 - Impact of Improved Agricultural Technology Adoption on Sustainable Rice Productivity and Rural Farmers' Welfare in Nigeria a Local Average Treatment Effect (LATE) Technique
07-May-2019 CEA 2012 - Une croissance économique forte et durable est-elle possible dans un contexte de fuite massive des capitaux en zone Franc Africaine
06-May-2019 Departement EADI Annual Report 2015
16-Apr-2019 Somalia - Consumer Price Index - March 2019
16-Apr-2019 Somaliland - Monthly Consumer Price Index - March 2019
16-Apr-2019 Regional Economic Outlook 2019 - North Africa