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Capacity Building

Since the 1990s Africa has made a significant and continuous progress in economic growth as the result of the far-reaching social and institutional reforms undertaken by the African governments. However, in spite of this progress, many African countries may not achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is partly due to their weak human, institutional and organizational capacities.

Cognizant that knowledge management, policy dialogue, and effective development management are essential factors of economic growth, the AfDB has since its establishment invested massively in the development of capacities in its regional member-countries.

The goal of ADI capacity building activities is to contribute to efforts at building sustainable capacity for development effectiveness in the institution’s regional member countries. The specific objective is to improve the capacity of the Bank’s regional member countries to enable them respond to development challenges, while enhancing the quality of its project portfolio. ADI’s activities, which include some 20 training sessions each year across the continent, are delivered in French and English. Special efforts are also made to meet the needs of the continent’s Portuguese-speaking countries. These activities aim at supporting the Bank’s strategic orientations as defined in its Medium-Term Strategy (2008-2012):

Sectoral Emphasis Special Applicability to        Better integration of
Infrastructures development Regional Integration Gender
Support to Governance Fragile States Environment
Support to private sector development Middle Income Countries Climate Change
Support to Higher Education, Science, and Technology Agriculture Knowledge Management

ADI’s training sessions have, so far, focused on improving the design and implementation of Bank-financed operations as identified by countries.  In this context, ADI has organized project implementation workshops to familiarize project staff and civil servants of concerned ministries with Bank procurement, disbursement and audit procedures. These workshops have proved to be excellent framework for the exchange of perspectives between Bank staff and national project staff, an exercise that has resulted in greater project implementation effectiveness.

The spectrum of workshop topics has, over time, expanded to include topics such as project cycle management, policy-based allocation of ADF resources and debt sustainability. In addition, ADI organizes seminars in partnership with the Joint Partnership for Africa (JPA, ex. JAI), a tripartite institution funded by the AfDB, the IMF and the World Bank. The institution’s seminars, which constitute an important part of JAI’s program, focus on sector issues such as rural development, integrated water management, poverty reduction strategy, private sector development, NEPAD and regional integration, or governance.