Project Details
ID: P-UG-FAB-007 Name: ACHWA II HYDROPOWER PLANT Status: Ongoing Country: Uganda
Sector: Power Approval date: 14-Dec-2018 Task Manager: AMMAR Tarek Saleh Mostafa, PESD0
Total cost: 78808400
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
AfDB: 14330753.8
Cofinanced: 7522105.19
Implementing Agency: -- Location: Uganda


Design, construction and operation of a 42 MW (4x10.5MW turbines) turnkey run-of-river hydropower plant (HPP) with an annual output of 281 GWh along the Achwa river, in Gulu district, Northern Uganda, including a 38km access road. Client intends to implement in total five plants (109MW) in the region, Achwa 2 being the first one. This greenfield plant shall be interconnected to the grid by a 140km transmission line (t-line) to the substation at Lira to be constructed by the Uganda Electricity and Transmission Company Limited ("UETCL").