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Projet d’appui au renforcement des capacités institutionnelles en gouvernance économique et financière au Togo (PARCI)

08-May-2012 - Contexte Le Togo a traversé une crise sociopolitique de 1990 à 2005. Cette crise a affaibli l’organisation et le fonctionnement de l’administration togolaise, en diminuant ses ressources humaines et matérielles.

Madagascar - AfDB Supports Tulear Fishery Project

02-May-2012 - Traditional fishing in Madagascar is practiced at national level by around 59,000 fishermen mainly along the coast and within coral reefs, especially in the south-western province of Tulear. The radius of action of fishing canoes is below 10 km.

La BAD a financé la mise à niveau des capacités de planification économique en RCA

02-May-2012 - Contexte Les élections présidentielles et législatives de juin 2005 en RCA ont mis fin à une série de troubles internes suivis d’une période de transition après le coup d’état de mars 2003. Face aux faiblesses de capacités inhérentes à la situation de pays post-conflit, le gouvernement a soumis en juillet 2005 aux partenaires techniques et financiers, dont la Banque, une requête d’assistance technique pour exécuter son programme économique de 2006.

Inland Lakes Integrated Development and Management Support Project (PAIGELAC) in Rwanda

24-Apr-2012 - Since 2006 the African Development Bank has been supporting the Rwanda government in restoring and improving the Rwandan fisheries sector. Support has been given to both capture fisheries in inland lakes and to aquaculture.

Burundi Watershed Management Project

10-Apr-2012 - The forest resources of Burundi have been seriously degraded since the beginning of the socio-political crisis in the country. This 10 year-long crisis resulted in the country's forest cover rate decrease from eight percent to five percent.

Infertile Land in Gambia Put to Plough Due to Joint AfDB/IFAD/Government Watershed Management Project

02-Apr-2012 - More than 140,000 poor people, of whom 52% are women across the Gambia have enjoyed greatly increased crop output after formerly unproductive land was put to the plough as a result of a USD 17.5 million watershed management project, started in 2006 and co-financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Gambian government.

Integrated Fight Against Aquatic Plant Proliferation in West Africa

27-Mar-2012 - Aquatic plant proliferation is an environmental scourge. These weeds invade waterways and irrigation channels, impeding their economic operation. Fishermen have suffered rising costs, and farmers have to spend more time cleaning their irrigation canals, resulting in lost production and productivity.

Benin-Regional Public Health Institute

04-Apr-2010 - Given the shortage of health research, health personnel and health services, particularly in rural areas, the Government of the Republic of Benin sought to create a public health institute in Benin with support from the World Health Organization.

Rwanda-Education III Project

01-Apr-2010 - Built in 1997, the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is the first technological institute to be built in Rwanda to train students in science, technology and engineering at the degree and diploma levels. KIST also transfers appropriate technology to the community. A regional center of excellence in science and technology, training and research, the building of this institution is in line with the Bank’s higher education in science and technology strategy.