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African Development Report 2015 - Growth, Poverty and Inequality Nexus: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Development

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African Development Report 2014 – “Leveraging Regional Integration for Inclusive Growth”

The theme of the African Development Report 2014, “Regional Integration for Inclusive Growth,” recognizes that regional integration is not an end in itself, but rather a tool for enhancing economic growth and fostering inclusion – within and between countries. After decades of relative stagnation, Africa has shown a steady upward improvement in performance in the past decade and a half. Average growth has been about 5 %, while the value of intra-African trade has increased fourfold over the last decade to reach USD 130 billion. This Report discusses the regional opportunities that have come...

African Development Report 2011

Africa’s private sector is coming of age: It is poised to become the main engine of growth for the African continent. Over the past decade, African countries have made great strides in improving their economic management and creating a better business climate. Countries such as Mauritius are leading performers on the global competitiveness index. These achievements are demonstrated by the remarkable growth in construction, retail, telecommunications and financial services of recent years. This in turn contributed to Africa’s relative resilience in the face of the global financial crisis....

African Development Report 1998


African Development Report 1999


African Development Report 2005

The African Development Report, prepared annually by the staff of the Development Research Department of the Bank, provides an in-depth review of recent macroeconomic performance and structural issues in Africa, viewed from continental, regional and national perspectives. It also assesses the prospects of the African economy in the context of recent global developments. In addition, it provides an in-depth analysis of a topical issue that is critical to Africa’s development -- with this year’s focus being on Public Sector Management in Africa. With respect to Africa’s economic performance...

African Development Report 2012 - Overview

Africa’s robust economic growth, averaging five percent a year over the last ten years, has placed the continent among the fastest growing regions in the world. During the past decade, poverty rates on the continent have declined and the attainment of other MDG targets is within sight. Although headcount poverty rates have decreased, Africa is still a poor continent and rapid economic growth has not reduced inequality. Hunger remains widespread on the continent, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, while access to energy is inadequate. Environmental and socioeconomic changes present further...

African Development Report 2012 - Towards Green Growth

The African Development Report 2012 was prepared under the overall guidance of Prof. Mthuli Ncube (Chief Economist and Vice President – ECON), Gilbert Mbesherubusa (Vice – President, Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration), Aly Abou-Sabaa (Vice-President, Sector Operations II), Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa (Director, Development Research Department), Hela Cheikhrouhou (Director, Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department), Abebe Shimeles (Division Manager, Development Research Department), and Kurt Lonsway (Division Manager, Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department...

African Development Report 2010

This African Development Report 2010 focuses on trade logistics in Africa, in particular maritime ports, with the objective of exploring ways to unblock bottlenecks to trade, increase competitiveness, and create sustainable economic growth for African countries. Ports are gateways for 80 percent of global merchandise trade and yet these crucial infrastructure hubs often fail to receive the attention they deserve. This report aims at bridging the existing information gap, providing detailed information on port development, institutional and regulatory aspects, and issues of managing the supply...

African Development Report 2008/2009

In the second half of the 20th Century, the African Continent, more than any other part of the World has suffered enormously from violent conflict within and between States. This has exacted heavy toll on Africa in terms of human suffering and lost development opportunities. The contagion effects on the neighborhood, in terms of loss of confidence from investors, have been considerable.

African Development Report 2007

The theme of the African Development Report 2007 — Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Africa — is motivated by the need to deepen current understanding of natural resource management practices in Africa. The rekindled interest in Africa’s resources is largely driven by global economic growth, especially in Asia, and the related demand for fossil fuels and minerals. This situation raises questions; how the continent can best leverage its resources for its own development given the complexities and trade-offs. Indeed, the market demand for Africa’s natural resources is strong and...

African Development Report 2006

The African Development Report this year focuses on the theme of Aid, Debt and Development in Africa. The Report takes an in depth view of issues and looks at the implications for economic growth, poverty reduction, macroeconomic management and governance in Africa. These are not new issues, but they are made topical by the prospects of aid “scaling up” following commitments made during the ”Year of Africa 2005”.

African Development Report 2003

The African Development Report 2003 reviews Africa’s current socio-economic performance and prospects, and examines in-depth the issue of globalization and development in the continent. Part I of the Report covers two chapters. The first chapter, on “The African Economy in 2002”, presents and assesses the continent’s economic performance as well as prospects for the mediumterm. The second chapter analyses the regional economic profiles, including their recent economic trends, policy developments, privatization, and growth outlook. Real GDP growth in 2002 was estimated at 2.8 percent,...

African Development Report 2002

The Africa Development Report, 2002 has been prepared by a staff team in the Development Research Department under the direction of Henock Kifle. The research team was led by Temitope W. Oshikoya and Mohamed Nureldin Hussain and comprised John C. Anyanwu, Sipho Stella Moyo, and Barfour Osei (Consultant) from the Research Division. The Economic and Social Statistics on Africa were prepared by the Statistics Division led by Charles L. Lufumpa and comprised André Portella, Beejaye Kokil and Maurice Mubila. Rhoda R. Bangurah provided production services, Richard Synge and Anthony Hawkins...

African Development Report 2001

The Africa Development Report, 2001 has been prepared by a staff team in the Strategic Planning and Research Department under the direction of Henock Kifle. The research team was led by Temitope W. Oshikoya and comprised Mohamed Nureldin Hussain, John C. Anyanwu, and Sipho Stella Moyo from the Research Division. The Economic and Social Statistics on Africa were prepared by the Statistics Division led by Charles L. Lufumpa and comprised André Portella, Beejaye Kokil and Maurice Mubila. Rhoda R. Bangurah provided production services, Richard Synge and Anthony Hawkins editorial services...

African Development Report 2000

Introduction The African Development Report 2000 reviews economic developments in Africa at the turn of the millennium while taking stock of the continent's economic track record over the last forty years and assessing future prospects. This Millennium Report also revisits the issues of Regional Integration and Cooperation in Africa. In addition, it provides the main economic and social statistics on Africa. The Summary highlights the main aspects of the Report.